Foundation 6.1.2 发布,Web 的 UI 框架

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2016-01-25 00:00:00

Foundation 6.1.2 发布,更新如下:

Sass Settings Changes

The following changes were made to _settings.scss. All new projects will get these changes automatically. If you're upgrading an existing project, you'll need to change these defaults or add the new variables yourself.

  • Added $topbar-title-spacing: 1rem

  • Removed $topbar-link-color


  • Our Sass unit tests have been migrated from Bootcamp to True—thanks @colin-marshall!

  • The jQuery dependency in package.json has been locked to 2.1.x, like bower.json. Before, npm would allow for bumping minor versions while Bower would not. For Foundation 6.2, we'll bump our jQuery dependency to 2.2.


  • table() mixin: added a $nest parameter. When set to true, selectors for tbody, td, etc. are nested inside the current selector. This allows you to constrain the Foundation table styles to a custom class. #7454

  • Flex Grid: added styles for .column.row.

  • Added a new variation on the syntax for top bar, which allows for a separate title area and menu area. Works great with the Responsive Toggler plugin! Learn more in the Advanced section of the top bar documentation. Thanks @brettsmason for the idea and the CSS!

Bug Fixes

  • Grid

    • Properly pass a custom column class to the block grid CSS when using custom grid classes. #7692

    • Fix misaligned gutters when nesting a row inside of a collapsed row.

    • Fix uncentering and offset classes occasionally working.

    • Properly center rows nested inside of expanded rows.

  • Flex Grid

    • Prevent columns with the .shrink class from overflowing on iOS devices. #7654

    • Prevent an error related to an unassigned variable $gutter when compiling with Ruby Sass.

  • Forms

    • Prevent text inside of an input group label from wrapping. #7769

    • Fix inconsistent positioning of the triangle inside <select> elements across browsers.

    • Fix form error background colors being hardcoded to $alert-color.

    • We commented out Normalize.css's <fieldset> styles, as we apply a different reset that was conflicting with Normalize.

    • Prevent text inside of a <legend> from overflowing in IE10.

    • Use $button-radius instead of $global-radius to determine the border radius of <input type="submit"> and <input type="button"> elements.

  • Dropdown

    • Properly apply the $dropdown-font-size variable in the dropdown CSS. #7919

    • Prevent submenus from anchoring on the wrong side when the top-level menu is vertical.

  • Dropdown Menu

    • Add proper right-to-left support. #7931

    • Cut back the specificity of the various state classes, such as .is-dropdown-submenu and .is-dropdown-submenu-parent.

  • Reveal

    • Fix the $reveal-offset variable not being used in the modal CSS. #7780

    • Prevent a callout with data-closable inside of a modal from closing the modal.

    • Prevent modal from resizing right before it disappears, when animating out.

    • Fix modals not closing if set to be full-screen, or set to not have an overlay.

  • Breakpoints

    • breakpoint() mixin: will emit warnings if used improperly, such as creating an xxlarge only media query, when xxlarge is the highest breakpoint.

    • Updated the code to avoid a deprecation warning in Ruby Sass 3.4.20.

  • Drilldown

    • Fix the wrong state class being added to drilldown submenus. #7885

    • The CSS triangle created for the back button is now part of the <a>, rather than the parent <li>, making it easier to style. #7949

  • Slider

    • Added proper right-to-left support.

    • Fix left and right handles overflowing the container.

  • Top Bar

    • Prevent buttons that are <a>s inside of top bar from getting link color styles.

    • Properly apply the background color of the top bar to <ul>s nested inside of it.

  • Accordion: Remove double border at the bottom of the accordion container, and prevent the border on the last accordion title from disappearing when it's the active one.

  • Accordion Menu: Fix aria-expanded in submenus not being updated.

  • Button: Prevent the .expanded and .stacked-for-small classes from fighting with each other.

  • Media Object: Remove an invalid selector and replace it with a more valid one.

  • Menu: Fix styles in the .simple class from being overridden by more specific base menu CSS.

  • Menu Icon: In 6.1, we quietly removed the .dark class for .menu-icon, which hadn't been documented. By popular demand, we added it back!

  • Off-canvas: Fix closeOnClick not working when set to false and there are two menus on the page.

  • Orbit: No longer attempts to auto-play if there's only one slide.

  • Pagination: Correct the behavior of $pagination-mobile-items to prevent all of the page numbers from disappearing on mobile.

  • Progress Bar: Changed the selector for .progress-meter-text to be standalone instead of nested, reducing its specificity.

  • Sticky: Fix wack behavior when used in conjunction with off-canvas.

  • Table: Add width: 100% to tables so they expand automatically.

  • Toggler: Added a better fallback when using without Motion UI.

  • Tooltip: Fix templateClasses option not working.


Foundation 是一个易用、强大而且灵活的框架,用于构建基于任何设备上的 Web 应用。提供多种 Web 上的 UI 组件,如表单、按钮、Tabs 等等。

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