Rocket 0.16.0 发布,CoreOS 容器引擎

发布于 2016年01月22日
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Rocket 0.14.0 发布,主要更新如下:

新特性和 UX 变更

  • Explicitly allow http connections via a new 'http' option to --insecure-options (#1945). Any data and credentials will be sent in the clear.

  • When using bash, rkt commands can be auto-completed (#1955).

  • The executables given on the command line via the --exec parameters don't need to be absolute paths anymore (#1953). This change reflects an update in the appc spec since v0.7.2. See rkt's rkt run --exec documentation.

  • Add a --full flag to rkt fetch so it returns full hash of the image (#1976).

  • There is a new global flag for specifying the user configuration directory, --user-config. It overrides whatever is configured in system and local configuration directories. It can be useful for specifying different credentials for fetching images without putting them in a globally visible directory like /etc/rkt. See rkt's Global Options documentation (#1981).

  • As a temporary fix, search for network plugins in the local configuration directory too (#2005).

  • Pass the environment defined in the image manifest to the application when using the fly stage1 image (#1989).

Build 改进

  • Fix vagrant rkt build (#1960).

  • Switch to using unrewritten imports, this will allow rkt packages to be cleanly vendored by other projects (#2014).

API service

  • Allow filtering images by name (#1985).

Bug 修复

  • Fix bug where the wrong image signature was checked when using dependencies (#1991).


  • A new script to run test on AWS makes it easier to test under several distributions: CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu (#1925).

  • The functional tests now skip user namespace tests when user namespaces do not work (#1947).

  • Check that rkt is not built with go 1.5.{0,1,2} to make sure it's not vulnerable to CVE-2015-8618 (#2006).

Other changes

  • Cleanups in the kvm stage1 (#1895).

  • Document stage1 filesystem layout for developers (#1832).

Note for packagers

With this release, rkt RPM/dpkg packages should have the following updates:

  • Install the new file dist/bash_completion/rkt.bash in /etc/bash_completion.d/.


Rocket (也叫 rkt)是 CoreOS 推出的一款容器引擎,和 Docker 类似,帮助开发者打包应用和依赖包到可移植容器中,简化搭环境等部署工作。Rocket 和 Docker 不同的地方在于,Rocket 没有 Docker 那些为企业用户提供的“友好功能”,比如云服务加速工具、集群系统等。反过来说,Rocket 想做的,是一个更纯粹的业界标准。

CoreOS 把它的容器称为 App Containers,里面包含 app container image、runtime、container-discovery 协议等。其中,App Container Image 和 Docker 里的 Image 比较类似,包含应用必需的元素组成,如源代码和二进制文件。Rocket runtime 则是依照 App Container 标准规格打造的,旨在将容器真正的变成一款命令行工具。

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