OPNsense 15.7.24/25 发布,防火墙和路由平台

发布于 2016年01月20日
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OPNsense 15.7.24 发布,此版本改进内容如下:

  • ports: suricata 2.0.11[2], dhcp6 20080615_5[3], lighttpd 1.4.39[4]

  • ports: syslogd 10.2, mpd 5.8[5], ca_root_nss 3.21, dnsmasq 2.75_1[6]

  • ports: ntp 4.2.8p5[7], php 5.6.17[8], python 2.7.11_1[9]

  • ports: miniupnpd 1.9.20151212, openvpn 2.3.10[10]

  • opnsense-update: add opnsense-verify and opnsense-sign

  • opnsense-update: improve verification of signatures of kernel and base upgrades

  • menu: bring back dashboard entry due to popular demand

  • menu: fix interface listing error when its description is empty

  • menu: moved license file to lobby section for visibility

  • menu: order VPN services for icon adjustment (contributed by Fabian Franz)

  • menu: renamed “config manager” to “configuration” and “certificate manager” to “trust”

  • language: multiple translation improvements (contributed by Fabian Franz and Andreas Martin)

  • language: fix behaviour of numerous apply buttons when using a non-English translation

  • dashboard: don’t display widget headers when the actual widgets are no longer installed

  • backend: fix issue when configd target pattern cannot be found

  • carp: fix support for OpenVPN clients

  • system: remove the old FTP proxy implementation (use proxy server service instead)

  • system: pin down listbox size to unhide the search field

  • health: tidy up the layout by removing visual blockers and general bumpiness

  • access: fix setting of default values for new users

  • access: fix padding on user listing page

  • access: adjusted file type of API credentials to fix Chrome’s download blues (contributed by Fabian Franz)

  • configuration: fix replay of configuration backups

  • interfaces: fix redirect after applying an interface’s configuration

  • trust: properly set certificate digest algorithm in form after creation error

  • gateways: bring back display of descriptions (contributed by Frank Wall)

  • load balancer: bring back display of descriptions (contributed by Frank Wall)

  • ipsec: fix RSA authentication method check

  • ipsec: finally brought back lease display in widgets and status page

  • proxy: add configurable cache_mem setting

  • unbound: honour the “register DHCP leases in DNS” option (contributed by Manuel Faux)

  • unbound: reorder advanced features inclusion

  • dynamic dns: allow custom entries to set hostname to be used in e.g. OpenVPN exports

  • dynamic dns: updated cloudflare service binding

  • firewall: fix saving of zero values on virtual IP page

  • firewall: fix label for option source/invert in rules edit page (contributed by Frank Wall)

  • firewall: show warning banner on related pages when firewall is globally disabled (contributed by Manuel Faux)

  • firewall: add interface groups to firewall rules and port forwarding

  • firewall: add matching behaviour indicator for floating rules (contributed by Fabian Franz)

  • firewall: make quick matching behaviour the default for floating rules

  • firewall: fix spurious error when migrating alias from one interface to the next

  • firewall: sort alias listing for better overview

  • firewall: fix header alignment for schedule repeat section

  • firmware: added display of major announcements on the firmware page

  • firmware: added reinstall / (un)lock buttons for installed packages

  • firmware: added plugin listing to page with install / remove buttons

  • firmware: restructured the backend and improved its resilience

  • firmware: show the download size of the pending update in the update check response

  • firmware: added update verification signature for the upcoming 16.1 release series

  • captive portal (devel): fix text of two help messages (contributed by Fabian Franz)


OPNsense 15.7.25 发布,此版本改进内容如下:

  • src: SCTP ICMPv6 error message vulnerability[1]

  • src: ntp panic threshold bypass vulnerability[2]

  • src: Linux compatibility layer incorrect futex handling[3]

  • src: Linux compatibility layer setgroups(2) system call vulnerability[4]

  • src: TCP MD5 signature denial of service[5]

  • src: Insecure default snmpd.config permissions[6]

  • src: OpenSSH client information leak[7]

  • src: Invalid TCP checksums with pf(4)[8]

  • src: YP/NIS client library critical bug[9]

  • ports: sqlite3 3.10.0[10], easy-rsa 3.0.1[11], openssh-portable 7.1p2[12]

  • traffic graphs: fix truncation of IP address to 14 characters

  • firmware: EOL announcement for 15.7 added, ready for upgrading to 16.1 on January 28

  • firmware: added mirror provided by RageNetwork (Munich, DE)

  • menu: fix navigation after editing IPsec mobile clients (contributed by Manuel Faux)

  • trust: properly reference CA in intermediate CAs (contributed by Manuel Faux)


OPNsense 是一个开源易用,而且易于构建的基于 FreeBSD 的防火墙和路由平台。包括大多数商业防火墙的特性。提供功能完整却易用的 GUI 管理界面。


  • 1GHz dual core cpu

  • 1 GB RAM

  • 40GB SSD

  • Serial console or video


  • 1.5GHz multi core cpu

  • 4 GB RAM

  • 120GB SSD

  • Serial console or video

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