JavaRebel 2.0-M2 发布

发布于 2009年02月14日
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此版本改进了最初的类加载和初始化的地步启动和无JavaRebel不应明显的不同了(仪器一节课的时间是在5毫秒) 。与每次申请rebel.xml配置文件,您可以开发应用软件的部署,战争或耳朵,好象他们是完全爆炸,没有任何干预建设进程。兼容层已被重写基本上从零 开始完全模仿uninstrumented Java类。这将确保任何人都可以采取JavaRebel并开始使用它在几分钟内没有任何问题。

This release improves the initial class loading and initialization to the point where startup with and without JavaRebel shouldn’t be noticeably different anymore (the instrumentation time for one class is under 5 ms). With per-application rebel.xml configuration files, you can develop applications deployed as WAR or EAR as if they were fully exploded, without any intervening build process. The compatibility layer has been rewritten largely from scratch to completely mimic uninstrumented Java classes. This should ensure that anyone can take JavaRebel and start using it in minutes without any problems.

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