total.js 1.9.5 发布,Node.js 的 MVC 框架

发布于 2016年01月02日
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total.js 1.9.5 发布,因为 NPM 问题跳过了 1.9.4 版本,此版本主要改进:


  • added: (IMPORTANT) new feature: THEMES

  • added: @{theme} --> return String

  • added: F.onTheme delegate

  • added: controller.theme(theme_name) --> select theme;

  • added: config['default-theme']

  • added: U.keywords(content, [forSearch], [alternative(true|false|soundex)], [max_count(200)], [max_length(20)], [min_length(2)]);

  • added: String.prototype.keywords([forSearch], [alternative(true|false|soundex)], [max_count(200)], [max_length(20)], [min_length(2)])

  • added: String.prototype.soundex()

  • added: F.wait(name, [enable]) the server waits for pending task and it responds via 503 status code

  • added: U.parseQuery() and String.parseQuery()

  • added: U.join(path1, path2, path3)

  • added: U.getName(path)

  • added: F.on('error400')

  • added: F.on('error401')

  • added: F.on('error403')

  • added: F.on('error404')

  • added: F.on('error408')

  • added: F.on('error431')


  • updated: (IMPORTANT) F.onAuthorization() was renamed to F.onAuthorize()

  • updated: Date.format() supports w and ww for week number

  • updated: Date.add() supports w, ww, week, weeks

  • updated: MailMessage supports display name mail.from('Name <vali@demail>');

  • updated: MailMessage supports display name'Name <vali@demail>');

  • updated: MailMessage supports display name, [name], [clear]);

  • updated: MailMessage supports display name'Name <vali@demail>');

  • updated: MailMessage supports display name, [name], [clear]);

  • updated: U.resolve(url, [callback]) --> callback is optional

Bug 修复

  • fixed: HTTP cache for HTML 5 offline manifest files

  • fixed: async() error handling

  • fixed: NoSQL embedded paths

  • fixed: problem with empty SMTP options

  • fixed: ErrorBuilder default transformation to JSON

  • fixed: Error handling

  • fixed: SchemaBuilder request auto-validation

  • fixed: String.isJSON()

  • fixed: F.responsePipe() --> problem with transmitted headers

  • fixed: evaluating of @{helpers.helper_name()}

  • fixed: HTML minification of UTF8 characters

  • fixed: U.isEqual()

  • fixed: in Windows by LiaoTzukai

  • fixed: SchemaBuilder prefix by Dušan Dragula


  • improved performance of the response

  • improved total performance

  • improved view engine performance


total.js 是个 web 应用框架,使用 JavaScript,HTML,CSS 和 Node.js(MVC) web 应用框架来构建 web 网站和 web 应用。

Node.js web framework - totaljs

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