Aspose.Words for Cloud 1.20.0 发布

发布于 2015年12月24日
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Aspose.Words for Cloud 1.20.0 发布,主要更新如下:

  • Added property “CssClassNamesPrefix” to HtmlFixedSaveOptions

  • Added property “ExportOriginalUrlForLinkedImages” to HtmlSaveOptions, EpubSaveOptions, MhtmlSaveOptions

  • Added feature to include or exclude specific areas of the document in statistic resource (includeTextInShapes, includeComments, includeFootnotes

  • Added support adding merge fields (and other fields) in the document

  • Added property “ColorMode” to SaveOptions

  • Added “Comments” resource

  • Added new save option “UpdateSdtContent”

  • Added support of inserting comment inside run

  • Added option “replaceResourcesHostTo” to convert resource

  • Added “Search” resource

  • Added “Encoding” save option to htmlfixed format

  • Added support HTML formatted text in JSON format

  • Added “loadEncoding” option while loading Txt file

  • Added feature to compare two documents

  • SAASWORDS-224 : Fixed issue with system fonts

  • SAASWORDS-203 : Fixed issue with document’s statistic

  • SAASWORDS-230 : Fixed “Index was outside the bounds of the array” excpetion in mailmerge

  • SAASWORDS-223 : Fixed “System.IndexOutOfRangeException is thrown while saving docx to pdf”

  • SAASWORDS-218 : Fixed “‘A generic error occurred in GDI+’ occurs when converting DOCX to PDF”

  • SAASWORDS-229 : Fixed “DOC to HTML – Transparent background images show black background in the HTML”

  • SAASWORDS-211 : Fixex “DOCX to PDF throws Object reference not set to an instance of an object”

  • SAASWORDS-238 : Fixed “Watermark (shape node) is lost after re-saving Docx”

  • SAASWORDS-255 : Text is missing from the output PDF

  • SAASWORDS-250 : Many unwanted red crossed symbols appear in PDF

  • SAASWORDS-88 : Page content has been shifted to the previous page

  • SAASWORDS-87 : Incorrect page count while exporting docx to pdf file format


Aspose.Words是一款先进的类库,使您可以直接在各个应用程序中执行各种文档处理任务。Aspose.Words支持 DOC,OOXML,RTF,HTML,OpenDocument, PDF, XPS, EPUB和其他格式。使用Aspose.Words,您可以生成,更改,转换,渲染和打印文档而不使用Microsoft Word。

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