Phoenix 1.1.0 发布,Elixir 的 Web 开发框架

发布于 2015年12月17日
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Phoenix 1.1.0 发布,更新内容如下:

  • 提升

    • [Router] Enable defining routes for custom http methods with a new match macro

    • [CodeReloader] The socket transports now trigger the code reloader when enabled for external clients that only connect to channels without trigger a recompile through the normal page request.

    • [phoenix.digest] The phoenix.digest task now digests asset urls in stylesheets automatically

    • [Channel] Add Phoenix.Channel.reply/3 to reply asynchronously to a channel push

    • [Channel] code_change/3 is now supported to upgrade channel servers

    • [Endpoint] check_origin now supports wildcard hosts, ie check_origin: ["//*"]

    • [Endpoint] check_origin treats invalid origin hosts as missing for misbehaving clients

    • [Endpoint] Add Phoenix.Endpoint.server?/2 to check if webserver has been configured to start

    • [ConnTest] Add assert_error_sent to assert an error was wrapped and sent with a given status

  • 向后不兼容变更

    • [View] The @inner assign has been removed in favor of explicit rendering with render/3 and the new @view_module and view_template assigns, for example: <%= @inner %> is replaced by <%= render @view_module, @view_template, assigns %>


Phoenix 是函数式编程语言 Elixir 的 Web 开发框架。要求 Elixir v1.0.2+

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