Foundation 6.0.6 发布,Web 的 UI 框架

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2015-12-16 00:00:00

Foundation 6.0.6 发布,更新如下:


  • We got a CDN going! The folks at jsDelivr made us a dedicated URL and everything! Head over to and you can get CSS and JavaScript CDN links. It's also possible to get links for individual JavaScript plugins.

  • The way Normalize is exported has changed. Before, Normalize.css was automatically printed when calling @import 'foundation'. Now, Normalize is bundled with the foundation-global-styles() mixin. If you're using one of our project templates (or your project's main Sass file is configured similarly), you won't need to change anything to upgrade.

  • Legacy support for Foundation 5 breakpoints has been added. If you're upgrading a project that uses $small-up, $medium-up and so on, those variables are now in the Foundation 6 codebase. They reference the values in the $breakpoints variable, which is how breakpoints are set in Foundation 6. Eventually, you should convert your Sass codebase to use the breakpoint() mixin over these variables, as they will be removed in version 6.2.

  • CSS downloads of Foundation now include a version number at the top of foundation.css, as a handy reference.


The following changes were made to _settings.scss. All new projects will get these changes automatically. If you're upgrading an existing project, you'll need to change these defaults or add the new variables yourself.

  • Changed $button-margin to 0 0 $global-margin 0 from 0 $global-margin $global-margin 0.

  • Changed $topbar-background to $light-gray from #eee.

  • Changed $topbar-link-color to $primary-color from #fff.

That last one is critical, as a number of developers filed issues about links inside top bar being white.

Style 变更

  • Button: removed the right margin on buttons.

  • Callout: we removed the link tinting feature which gave green callouts green links, red callouts red links, and so on. The foreground/background contrast is way too low, and the CSS conflicts with other components that use <a>, such as buttons.

Bug 修复


  • Top Bar: give <input type="button"> elements in a top bar an automatic width, instead of the 200px width prescribed by .top-bar input. #7389

  • Top Bar: switched link color from white to $primary-color.

  • Media Object: removed the Sass & that snuck its way into the CSS output.

  • Grid: fixed a misalignment issue when a column row is nested inside of a row.

  • Input Group: fix border radii not being applied properly, specifically in conjunction with the $global-radius variable.


  • General: if a plugin fails to initialize, the JavaScript error is caught, allowing other plugins to be initialized. #7356

  • Drilldown: fix back button not working when custom markup is used. #7360

  • Toggler: prevent certain config data attributes being overwritten on initialization.

  • Reveal: prevent double overlays from appearing.

  • Reveal: fixed the modal appearing below the overlay in iOS. #7415

  • Dropdown: prevent the page from scrolling when the space bar is pressed while a form field inside the dropdown is focused. #7416

  • Accordion Menu: prevent animation bugs if the menu is toggled up and down really fast. #7418

  • Slider: prevent issues when the decimal option is 0. #7461

  • Accordion: can now be used with any element, not just <ul> and <li>. #7469

  • Responsive Menu: prevent a flash of unstyled content before the JavaScript has initialized.


Foundation 是一个易用、强大而且灵活的框架,用于构建基于任何设备上的 Web 应用。提供多种 Web 上的 UI 组件,如表单、按钮、Tabs 等等。

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