GitLab 8.3.0 rc1 发布,代码托管平台

发布于 2015年12月16日
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GitLab 8.3.0 rc1 发布,8.3.0 (unreleased)更新如下:

  - Expand character set of usernames created by Omniauth (Corey Hinshaw)
  - Add button to automatically merge a merge request when the build succeeds (Zeger-Jan van de Weg)
  - Merge when build succeeds (Zeger-Jan van de Weg)
  - Provide better diagnostic message upon project creation errors (Stan Hu)
  - Bump devise to 3.5.3 to fix reset token expiring after account creation (Stan Hu)
  - Bump gollum-lib to 4.1.0 (Stan Hu)
  - Fix broken group avatar upload under "New group" (Stan Hu)
  - Update project repositorize size and commit count during import:repos task (Stan Hu)
  - Fix API setting of 'public' attribute to false will make a project private (Stan Hu)
  - Handle and report SSL errors in Web hook test (Stan Hu)
  - Bump Redis requirement to 2.8 for Sidekiq 4 (Stan Hu)
  - Fix: Assignee selector is empty when 'Unassigned' is selected (Jose Corcuera)
  - Add rake tasks for git repository maintainance (Zeger-Jan van de Weg)
  - Fix 500 error when update group member permission
  - Trim leading and trailing whitespace of milestone and issueable titles (Jose Corcuera)
  - Recognize issue/MR/snippet/commit links as references
  - Add ignore whitespace change option to commit view
  - Fire update hook from GitLab
  - Style warning about mentioning many people in a comment
  - Fix: sort milestones by due date once again (Greg Smethells)
  - Migrate all CI::Services and CI::WebHooks to Services and WebHooks
  - Don't show project fork event as "imported"
  - Add API endpoint to fetch merge request commits list
  - Expose events API with comment information and author info
  - Fix: Ensure "Remove Source Branch" button is not shown when branch is being deleted. #3583
  - Run custom Git hooks when branch is created or deleted.
  - Fix bug when simultaneously accepting multiple MRs results in MRs that are of "merged" status, but not merged to the target branch
  - Add languages page to graphs
  - Block LDAP user when they are no longer found in the LDAP server
  - Improve wording on project visibility levels (Zeger-Jan van de Weg)
  - Fix editing notes on a merge request diff
  - Automatically select default clone protocol based on user preferences (Eirik Lygre)
  - Make Network page as sub tab of Commits
  - Add copy-to-clipboard button for Snippets
  - Add indication to merge request list item that MR cannot be merged automatically
  - Default target branch to patch-n when editing file in protected branch
  - Add Builds tab to merge request detail page
  - Allow milestones, issues and MRs to be created from dashboard and group indexes
  - Use new style for wiki
  - Use new style for milestone detail page
  - Fix sidebar tooltips when collapsed
  - Prevent possible XSS attack with award-emoji
  - Upgraded Sidekiq to 4.x
  - Accept COPYING,COPYING.lesser, and licence as license file (Zeger-Jan van de Weg)
  - Fix emoji aliases problem
  - Fix award-emojis Flash alert's width
  - Fix deleting notes on a merge request diff
  - Display referenced merge request statuses in the issue description (Greg Smethells)
  - Implement new sidebar for issue and merge request pages
  - Emoji picker improvements
  - Suppress warning about missing `.gitlab-ci.yml` if builds are disabled
  - Do not show build status unless builds are enabled and `.gitlab-ci.yml` is present
  - Persist runners registration token in database



开源中国代码托管平台 就是基于 GitLab 项目搭建。

GitLab是一个利用 Ruby on Rails 开发的开源应用程序,实现一个自托管的Git项目仓库,可通过Web界面进行访问公开的或者私人项目。


GitLab 5.0以前版本要求服务器端采用 Gitolite 搭建,5.0版本以后不再使用 Gitolite ,采用自己开发的 gitlab-shell 来实现。如果你觉得安装麻烦可以使用 GitLab Installers 一键安装程序。

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