Gerrit 2.11.5 发布,代码评审工具

发布于 2015年12月14日
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Gerrit 2.11.5 发布,此版本主要是 bug 修复:

  • Issue 3442: Handle commit validation errors when creating/editing changes via REST.

    When an exception was thrown by a commit validator during creation of a new change, or during publish of an inline edit, this resulted in an internal server error message which did not include the actual reason for the error.

  • Issue 3616: Strip trailing blank lines from commit messages when modified in the inline editor.

    Blank lines were not trimmed from the end of commit messages, which caused problems when the commit was merged and then cherry-picked with the -xoption (from the command line).

  • Tweak JS clipboard API integration to work on Firefox.

    The JS copy functionality was working on Chrome, but not on Firefox.

  • Use image instead of unicode character for copy button.

    Some browsers were unable to render the unicode character.

  • Include server config module in init step.

    This allows SecureStore to be used during plugins' init step.

  • Issue 3659: Show inline comments in change screen history when inline edit is active.

    It was not possible to see the inline comments in the history on the change screen when in edit mode.

  • Improve rendering of stream-events tasks in the show-queue output.

    Entries for stream-events are now rendered as Stream Events (username).

  • Issue 3655: Fix incorrect owner group matching behavior.

    When the given group did not match any group, the group was matched on a group whose name starts with the argument, instead of throwing an error to notify the user.

  • Issue 3664: Fix double slash on URL when switching account.

    One too many slashes on the URL caused redirection back to the root page instead of the intended location.

  • Issue 3666: Fix server error when commit validator is invoked on initial commit.

    If a commit was uploaded for review as the first commit in a repository that was created with no initial empty commit, invoking a commit validator on the new commit would cause an internal error.

  • Replication plugin.

    • Parse replication delay and retry times as time units.

      The replication delay and retry values were interpreted as seconds and minutes respectively, but were being parsed as integers.

      This is inconsistent with how time units are handled in other Gerrit configuration settings, and can cause confusion when the user configures them using the time unit syntax such as 15s and it causes the plugin to fail with invalid value.

      The delay and retry now are parsed as time units. The value can be given in any recognized time unit, and the defaults remain the same as before; 15 seconds and 1 minute respectively.

    • Remove documentation of obsolete remote.NAME.timeout setting.


Gerrit 是一个免费、开放源代码的代码审查软件,使用网页界面。利用网页浏览器,同一个团队的软件程序员,可以相互审阅彼此修改后的程序代码,决定是否能够提交,退回或者继续修改。它使用 Git 作为底层版本控制系统。它分支自Rietveld, 作者为Google公司的Shawn Pearce,原先是为了管理Android计划而产生。这个软件的名称,来自于荷兰设计师赫里特·里特费尔德(Gerrit Rietveld)。最早它是由Python写成,在第二版后,改成用Java与SQL。使用Google Web Toolkit来产生前端的JavaScript。


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