Teiid 8.12.3 发布,数据虚拟化系统

发布于 2015年12月13日
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Teiid 8.12.3 发布,此版本主要是 bug 修复:

  • [TEIID-3814] - Rest Web Service URL for VDB
  • [TEIID-3823] - Issues with fetchsize and local connections
  • [TEIID-3827] - multi-source view insert throwing TEIID30492 error
  • [TEIID-3840] - teiid-outh-util.bat - typo in name
  • [TEIID-3841] - sap-nw-gateway translator wrongly encodes when a parameter includes a space
  • [TEIID-3845] - select count(*) query not working on SimpleDB connector in Teiid
  • [TEIID-3846] - Wrong alias rewriting in subqueries
  • [TEIID-3847] - HiveTranslator should not use a Calendar for the Hive getDate
  • [TEIID-3848] - Issue with hive literal timestamps
  • [TEIID-3850] - Source caching with the cache directive can be at the wrong scope
  • [TEIID-3851] - foreign temp additional extension properties not accessible in QMI
  • [TEIID-3854] - Impala translator - ORDER BY clause using incorrect columns when not in SELECT list
  • [TEIID-3857] - ProjectIntoNode should report a transaction required even with iterator processing
  • [TEIID-3858] - Planning error with unrelated sort columns and view removal
  • [TEIID-3682] - Add logon properties to audit messages
  • [TEIID-3831] - For results set caching there should scope metadata for source tables/procedures
  • [TEIID-3829] - olingo module junit test failed
  • [TEIID-3839] - minimize implicit dependencies on sun classes

Teiid 8.13 引入了 Wildfly 9 支持,下周会发布 Teiid 8.13 Beta1 版本,2016 年一月份末会发布第一个 Teiid 9.0 Alpha 版本。



简而言之:Teiid 可以让你用 JDBC + SQL 来访问企业的任何数据,并可对这些不同源的数据进行联合查询。

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