Kodi 16.0 beta 3 发布,XBOX 媒体中心

发布于 2015年12月07日
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Kodi 16.0 beta 3 发布,此版本主要是一些改进和 bug 修复,最主要的改进是音乐库改进。

beta 3 Bug 修复列表:

  • • Fixed: non-working touch input in file manager

  • • Fixed: workaround for MySQL 5.7.x query optimizer changes

  • • Fixed: remove broken musicvideo scraper

  • • Fixed: don’t show “sync playback to display” option on Android as it’s not supported

  • • Fixed: fix codepage for Korean language input

  • • Fixed: added workaround for triggering repository updates during playback

  • • Fixed: fix crash in PVR calling the context menu

  • • Fixed: show OK dialog instead of empty list clicking on the update button in add-on information panel

  • • Fixed: several coverity and cppcheck code analysis problems

  • • Fixed: time sometimes jumped backwards on playing bluray m2ts files and fixes stutter on switching files

  • • Fixed: several issues regarding music library

  • • Fixed: timer and EPG handling in PVR

  • • Fixed: crashing on cleaning up events

  • • Fixed: don’t show brightness/contrast controls when using Android MediaCodec (Surface)

  • • Fixed: dont invalidate art for addons that are new or not updated since last fetch

  • • Fixed: Android stylus devices don’t respond on input

  • • Fixed: segfault when ADSP is enabled in settings

  • • Fixed: missing art when playing something from a music add-on

  • • Fixed: variety of cleanups and problems for AMLogic chips

  • • Fixed: fixed possible directory traversal bug due to insufficient url checking

  • • Fixed: handling of media key on Android

  • • Changed: add support for pre-gzipped addons.xml in repositories which should considerably reduce repository traffic

  • • Changed: remove “add source”from Programs section


Kodi (曾用名 XBMC)的全称是XBOX Media Center,顾名思义他就是XBOX平台的媒体中心。对于XBOX玩家来说如果没有安装XBMC,那么玩XBOX至少缺了一半的乐趣,甚至毫不夸张的说,XBMC才是很多玩家购买XBOX的真正目的。


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