ICEpdf-6.0.1 发布,Java 的 PDF 类库

发布于 2015年11月28日
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ICEpdf v6.0.1 是个维护版本,ICEpdf 是一个轻量级的开源 Java 语言的 PDF 类库。通过 ICEpdf 可以用来浏览、内容提取和转换 PDF 文档,而无须一些本地PDF库的支持。


  • Rendering Core

    • Improved CCITTFax image processing.

    • Graphics clipping optimization significantly speeds up page painting.

    • Added support for decode for 1, 2 and 4 bit JBIG2 images.

    • Improved parsing of PDF destination data.

    • Fix several problems with parsing inline images.

    • Addition of scaled tile painting for improve quality at varying zoom values.

    • Numerous image handling improvements.

    • Fixed a bug which was causing annotations without content streams from being painted.

    • Addressed a OFont advance caching issue which caused some glyphs to be incorrectly painted.

    • Added parser support for inline font dictionaries.

  • Viewer RI

    • Fixed an issue where the default fill colors for square and circle annotation tools were not being respected.

    • General reminder that Form Widgets have configurable parameter on the Document class and a new button to show/hide a background color. The highlight when enabled can help users find form elements on a page.

    • Fixed an issue where some xobject text could not be selected.

  • Build and Bundle

    • Maven dependencies for the icepdf-viewer.jar have been updated to correctly point the os icepdf-core jar.

    • Levigo jbig2 library found in the PRO bundles has been updated to version 1.6.4.

  • Font Engine

    • Fixed a regression in the FontManger which was creating an empty font list if the the FontProperties manager wasn't initialized first.

    • Implementation of getStyle() method was added to the font engine.

    • Fixed multi byte encoding issue with some CID fonts which was preventing some PDF text from rendering correctly.

完整改进请看 JIRA Change Log

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