Hibernate Search 5.5.1 发布

发布于 2015年11月25日
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Hibernate Search 5.5.1 发布,更新内容:

Bug 修复
    * [HSEARCH-2010] - Error message incorrectly references @SortField instead of @SortableField
    * [HSEARCH-2019] - Build order of Maven modules is incorrect
    * [HSEARCH-2021] - No way to make fields Sortable inside of custom FieldBridge
    * [HSEARCH-2030] - DSL range/below on a string field creates a TermRangeQuery with lower bound equal to the null token
    * [HSEARCH-2033] - Testsuite fails on Windows
    * [HSEARCH-2037] - Multiple "must not" query clauses produce zero results

    * [HSEARCH-1867] - Change TypeMetadata#getEmbeddedTypeMetadata() to return a set instead of list
    * [HSEARCH-2034] - Allow the QueryBuilder DSL to disable scoring for must clauses
    * [HSEARCH-2043] - Provide option to raise an exception in case uncovered sorts are detected
    * [HSEARCH-2048] - Generalize MetadataProvidingFieldBridge contract to return types and names of created fields

    * [HSEARCH-2013] - Upgrade tests to WildFly 10.0.0.CR2
    * [HSEARCH-2015] - Upgrade Narayana to 5.2.5.Final
    * [HSEARCH-2016] - Upgrade JGroups to 3.6.6.Final
    * [HSEARCH-2017] - Upgrade Hibernate ORM to 5.0.2.Final
    * [HSEARCH-2018] - Upgrade Apache Lucene to 5.3.1
    * [HSEARCH-2026] - Upgrade to Byteman 3.0.2
    * [HSEARCH-2027] - Upgrade to Hibernate ORM 5.0.3.Final
    * [HSEARCH-2028] - Update documentation regarding the indexing of e-mail addresses
    * [HSEARCH-2041] - Upgrade to WildFly 10.0.0.CR4
    * [HSEARCH-2051] - Introduce JMH based performance tests for the engine component
    * [HSEARCH-2053] - Upgrade to Hibernate Commons Annotations 5.0.1.Final
    * [HSEARCH-2054] - Upgrade to Hibernate ORM 5.0.4.Final

    * [HSEARCH-1964] - Review documentation chapter on combining queries with boolean operators
    * [HSEARCH-2025] - remove OpenBitSet from documentation
    * [HSEARCH-2029] - Hibernate Search does not reuse JavaReflectionManager from Hibernate.
    * [HSEARCH-2038] - Performance: avoid scoring on operations which don't need scores to be computed
    * [HSEARCH-2042] - Don't uninvert index when sorting by doc id or score
    * [HSEARCH-2044] - Make spatial fields sortable by distance without index uninverting
    * [HSEARCH-2050] - Avoid allocation cost of FacetConfig during creation of Document
    * [HSEARCH-2052] - Avoid allocating an empty array on hot vararg invocation on ReflectionHelper


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