Tsuru 0.13.0 RC2 发布下载,开源 PaaS 系统

发布于 2015年11月24日
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Tsuru 0.13.0 RC2 发布下载,Tsuru 0.13.0 更新内容:


  • 新 IaaS:tsuru 现支持 DigitalOcean,还有 Amazon EC2 和 CloudStack

  • 新路由:支持新版本的 Galeb

  • 添加平台启用和禁用功能

  • 修改服务实例管理流

  • 处理器添加和更新平台是通过接收上传的 Dockerfile

Bug 修复

  • Fix OAuth authentication: the library used by tsuru used to blindly trust the token_type returned by the OAuth provider, but some providers provide mismatching types in the authorization request and the token. Seehttps://github.com/golang/oauth2/issues/113 for more details.

  • Admin users can now manage all teams (issue #1084).

  • Fix the behavior of app-restart when the app is stopped: now it actually starts the app (issue #1281).

  • Fix bug that disabled usage tracking for quota management when quota was unlimited (issue #1279).

  • Deploy info now returns 404 when the provided id is not a valid MongoDB ObjectId.


  • Simplified the interface for listing and rolling back deployments: tsuru now takes just the version of the app, instead of the whole Docker image (issue#1288).

  • CloudStack IaaS now supports tagging, so admins can tag managed nodes when creating them (issue #1172).

  • Prevent timeouts in all streaming handlers by keeping the wire busy while the connection is open.

  • Add a parameter in the service-remove endpoint for unbinding all apps bound to the service instance.

  • Add a parameter in the env-set, env-unset, service-bind and service-unbind to prevent the application restart when inject an environment variable (issue #1271).

  • Add a parameter in the token-show and token-regenerate to display/regenerate token for third users. Only admins can perform this operations (issue #1316).

  • Add a new filter in the app listing API endpoint: now it’s possible to filter applications by pool (issue #1311).

  • Improve installing documentation format to better accommodate information about tsuru-now and tsuru-bootstrap.

  • Improvements in the installing and management docs, reflecting the daemon rename (thanks Giuseppe Ciotta).

  • Fix instructions on the Hipache installing page so it doesn’t use a deprecated configuration flag (thanks Giuseppe Ciotta).

  • Improve database connection management in the application locking procedure, avoiding database connections leakage.

  • Improve documentation for the Java platform (thanks Manoel Domingues Junior).

非向后兼容改进 (action needed)

  • The post-receive hook is no longer supported, please update to one of theavailable pre-receive hooks. You may stick to a post-receive hook that invokes git-archive and uploads it to tsuru, but we recommend using a pre-receive hook.


Tsuru 是一个开放源码的 open Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)平台。

Tsuru 可以让你构建自己的 PaaS 服务。Tsuru 采用 go 语言写成,依赖 go 环境和 libxml。

在 Tsuru 的 PaaS 服务下,你可以选择自己的编程语言,选择使用 SQL 或者 NoSQL 数据库,memcache、redis、等等许多服务,甚至与你可以使用 Git 版本控制工具来上传你应用。

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