total.js 1.9.3 发布,Node.js 的 MVC 框架

发布于 2015年11月22日
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total.js 1.9.3 发布,此版本更新内容:


  • added: (IMPORTANT) merging supports BLOCKS (.js,.css), e.g. F.merge('merge.js', 'fileA.js#management,common', 'fileB.js#management')

  • added: (IMPORTANT) a route with schema binding can contain filter e.g. *Schema#update or *Group\Schema#create --> the framework validates only fields by filter

  • added: TRANSFORM([transform], obj)

  • added: NEWTRANSFORM(name, fn, [isDefault]) --> alias for TransformBuilder.addTransform()

  • added: packages can be stored as directories (recommended for debug mode only)

  • added: F.localize(name, url, [middleware], [options], [minify]) --> minify argument

  • added: email supports calendar (.ics) request sending

  • added: SchemaBuilderEntity.make(function(schema))

  • added: F.install() supports packages mapping

  • added: Support for unicode routing

  • added: Packages can be loaded in framework structure (/controllers/, /modules/) exports.booting = true

  • added: route flags can contains object --> the object is an additional options for middleware

  • added: Utils.btoa(str) --> returns base64

  • added: Utils.atob(str) --> returns binary

  • added: global.TRY(fnScope, [fnError]) --> creates safe scope (more in documentation)

  • added: Utils.getExtension(filename)

  • added: @{head} can be imported as @{import('head')}

  • added: @{meta} can be imported as @{import('meta')}

  • added: controller.cookie('KEY') --> for reading

  • added: controller.cookie('KEY', 'VALUE', expire, [options]) --> for writting

  • added: framework.onParseQuery(function(value)) --> for parsing values from the requests

  • added: framework.onParseXML(function(value)) --> for parsing values from the requests

  • added: framework.onParseJSON(function(value)) --> for parsing values from the requests


  • updated: (IMPORTANT) F.onValidation() was renamed to F.onValidate()

  • updated: (IMPORTANT) SchemaBuilderEntity.onValidation() was renamed to SchemaBuilderEntity.onValidate()

  • updated: (IMPORTANT) SchemaBuilderEntity.setValidation() was renamed to SchemaBuilderEntity.setValidate()

  • updated: CSS compressor removes comments

  • updated: F.restrictions.allow('IP') --> does not have to be full IP

  • updated: F.restrictions.disallow('IP') --> does not have to be full IP

  • updated: String.startsWith() and String.endsWith() according to ES6 but with the backward compatibility

  • updated: String.parseDate() supports JSON format and classic date serialization

  • updated: U.request() --> response always returns string

  • updated: debug.js --> now watchs packages

Bug 修复

  • fixed: framework starting path (fixed problem with PM2 module)

  • fixed: controller.memorize() - prevention for multiple requests

  • fixed: routing (POST request without content-type is considered as application/x-www-form-urlencoded)

  • fixed: sync2()

  • fixed: U.minifyHTML() - now compresses JS and CSS in HTML.

  • fixed: Async.cancel()

  • fixed: email attachments

  • fixed: throwing error in global middleware

  • fixed: Pagination.last()

  • fixed: CSS auto-vendor-prefixes

  • fixed: tpm binary (bug in creating packages on Windows)

  • fixed: controller generators

  • fixed: F.install() --> problem with names via URL import

  • fixed: on Windows (problem with paths)

  • fixed: HTML compression in views

  • fixed: U.Async() object (problem with waitingFor)

  • fixed:, problem in Windows

  • fixed: CLEANUP(stream, [callback]);

  • fixed: HTTP CACHE

### 示例


total.js 是个 web 应用框架,使用 JavaScript,HTML,CSS 和 Node.js(MVC) web 应用框架来构建 web 网站和 web 应用。

Node.js web framework - totaljs

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