PureScript 0.7.6 发布,静态类型语言

发布于 2015年11月19日
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PureScript 0.7.6 发布,更新内容如下:


  • Field puns, fix #921 (@balajirrao)

    It is now possble to construct objects by using values in scope with the same name as the field labels. For example, the expression { foo, bar } is equivalent to { foo: foo, bar: bar }. Patterns desugar in the same way.


  • Modules are now parsed in parallel (@paf31)

  • Use Types.Proxy.Proxy instead of Data.Generic.Proxy. This fixes #1573 (@tfausak)

  • Update generic deriving for latest purescript-generics changes (@paf31)

  • New import warnings - unused data constructors, unused imports (@nwolverson)

  • psc-publish: only warn on dirty working tree on dry runs (@hdgarrood)

  • Add more information to psci :browse command (@soupi)

  • Add support for --require-path option to psc-bundle (@natefaubion)

  • Improved error reporting in psc-publish (@hdgarrood)

  • Reduce noise in instance declarations in documentation (@hdgarrood)

Bug 修复

  • New approach to unification, fixing some loops in the type checker (@paf31)

  • Fix #1632, instantiate type variables in anyProxy calls in generic instances (@paf31)

  • Fix warnings for unqualified implicit imports (@nwolverson)

  • Fix #1596, don't show type checker warnings in the event of an error (@paf31)

  • Fix #1602, improvements around code generation of string literals (@michaelficarra)

  • Fix #1090, allow accessors in operator sections (@paf31)

  • Fix #1590, limit depth of pretty-printed expressions (@paf31)

  • Fix #1591, use the 'negate' in scope (@paf31)

  • Fix #1335, track scoped type variables when skolemizing (@paf31)

  • Fix #1175, check types inside where clauses inside instances (@paf31)

  • Some refactoring (@phadej)

  • Fixed some error messages (@zudov)


  • Use base-compat to reduce the need for CPP (@phadej)

  • Write license-generator in Haskell (@phadej)

  • Add GHC 7.10.3 to CI build matrix (@phadej)


PureScript 是个小巧而强大的静态类型语言,可以编译成 JavaScript。purescript 主要是由 Haskell 和 PureScript 编写的。

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