Angular.js v1.5.0 beta.2 发布

发布于 2015年11月18日
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Angular.js v1.5.0 beta.2 发布,更新内容如下:

Bug 修复



  • $compile:

    • use static jquery data method to avoid creating new instances (9b90c32f)

    • Lazily compile the transclude function (652b83eb)

  • $interpolate: provide a simplified result for constant expressions (cf83b4f4)

  • copy:

  • merge: remove unnecessary wrapping of jqLite element (4daafd3d,#13236)

Breaking Changes

  • $sanitize: due to 181fc567, The svg support in  is now an opt-in option

Applications that depend on this option can use  to turn the option back on, but while doing so, please read the warning provided in the  documentation for information on preventing click-hijacking attacks when this option is turned on.

ngMessage is now compiled with a priority of 1, which means directives on the same element as ngMessage with a priority lower than 1 will be applied when ngMessage calls the $transclude function. Previously, they were applied during the initial compile phase and were passed the comment element created by the transclusion of ngMessage. To restore this behavior, custom directives need to have their priority increased to at least "1".

ngOptions will now throw if ngModel is not present on the selectelement. Previously, having no ngModel let ngOptions silently fail, which could lead to hard to debug errors. The change should therefore not affect any applications, as it simply makes the requirement more strict and alerts the developer explicitly.

Previously, an non array-like input would pass through the orderBy filter unchanged. Now, an error is thrown. This can be worked around by converting an object to an array, either manually or using a filter such as (null and undefined still pass through without an error, in order to support asynchronous loading of resources.)

Closes #11255 Closes #11719



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angularjs2什么时候出来呀 据说支持开发native app了