Univention Corporate Server 4.1-0 发布

发布于 2015年11月18日
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Univention Corporate Server 4.1-0 发布,主要更新如下:

  • The Univention App Center integrates the container technology Docker. With Docker, it is possible to run Apps separately and encapsulated from each other. This increases the security of the UCS domain and reduces the dependencies of the Apps on other software libraries. The integration of Docker is transparent to the users. The App Center will automatically perform the startup and configuration of the Docker containers.

  • The Univention App Center's usability has been improved further. Apps are now displayed more clearly. The App detail pages have been cleaned up and supplemented by a rating in the categories Vendor Supported, Popularity's Award and Editor's Award. The classification is based on data such as the installation base of the Apps or the maintenance behaviour of the App providers. Thus, the transparency and comparability of Apps are increased.

  • Single-sign-on via SAML is a product component from UCS 4.1 and works out of the box with the UCS management system. Once logged in, you can switch between web applications without an additional login.

  • Users can independently change their password or reset it in case of a forgotten password via the new Self Service. In this case, a token will be sent to an e-mail address or mobile phone number that has to be defined in advance by the users. The then received token can be used to set a new password.

  • The Linux kernel has been updated to the latest stable version of the 4.1 longterm kernel. This includes several security updates as well as new and updated drivers for better hardware support.

  • Samba has been updated to version 4.3.1. Besides many detail improvements, Samba 4.3 provides support for SMB 3.1.1, which was introduced by Microsoft with Windows 10 and provides security improvements and more features.

完整更新内容请看:release notes

下载: UCS_4.1-0-amd64.iso (1,219MB, MD5, pkglist)

Univention Corporate Server是一份企业级发行,它基于Debian GNU/Linux。其特色在于一份面向服务器集中式管理的集成管理系统,兼容微软Active Directory的域服务,以及面向虚拟服务器和桌面操作系统并行操作的功能。Univention Corporate Server是商业产品,但其功能有限的个人使用版除外。    

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