Immutant 2.1.1 发布,Clojure 应用服务器

发布于 2015年11月14日
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Immutant 2.1.1 发布,此版本主要是个 bug 修复和文档更新版本:

  • [IMMUTANT-576] - WebSockets can't be used from a user-provided servlet
  • [IMMUTANT-578] - Singleton daemons don't get started on another node if the thread dies
  • [IMMUTANT-579] - Luminus now has :main
  • [IMMUTANT-580] - Support for setting HTTP response headers in the WebSocket handshake
  • [IMMUTANT-581] - Pedestal servlet handler overrides handlers specified using :path
  • [IMMUTANT-583] - Registered closeables aren't closed when a destination is stopped (regression from 2.0.0)
  • [IMMUTANT-585] - Fix infinispan section in EAP guide
  • [IMMUTANT-586] - Expose :filter-map option to web/run for deploying Servlet Filters
  • [IMMUTANT-587] - Immutant seems to be sending "" for query string when it should be sending nil
  • [IMMUTANT-588] - Improve docs for listen to explain the explicit transaction
  • [IMMUTANT-589] - Only reuse the context given to request for the response listener if it is remote
  • [IMMUTANT-590] - Implement all methods on reified JDBC interfaces we return from our factory
  • [IMMUTANT-591] - Immutant doesn't work with clojure 1.8.0-beta2
  • [IMMUTANT-592] - Don't fail a WildFly deployment if the repl fails to start
  • [IMMUTANT-593] - See if we need to use the default listener concurrency for response listeners
  • [IMMUTANT-594] - scheduling docs point to caching/stop instead of scheduling/stop


Immutant 是一个 Clojure 的应用服务器,这是一个基于 JBoss AS 7 的集成平台,用于 Ring 处理、异步消息、缓存、任务调度、XA 事务、集群和守护进程等等。

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