Apache Storm 0.9.6/0.10.0 发布

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2015-11-06 00:00:00

Apache Storm 0.10.0 发布,此版本是个稳定版本,相比之前的 Beta 版本主要包括 bug 修复和改进:

  • STORM-1108: Fix NPE in simulated time

  • STORM-1106: Netty should not limit attempts to reconnect

  • STORM-1099: Fix worker childopts as arraylist of strings

  • STORM-1096: Fix some issues with impersonation on the UI

  • STORM-912: Support SSL on Logviewer

  • STORM-1094: advance kafka offset when deserializer yields no object

  • STORM-1066: Specify current directory when supervisor launches a worker

  • STORM-1012: Shaded everything that was not already shaded

  • STORM-967: Shaded everything that was not already shaded

  • STORM-922: Shaded everything that was not already shaded

  • STORM-1042: Shaded everything that was not already shaded

  • STORM-1026: Adding external classpath elements does not work

  • STORM-1055: storm-jdbc README needs fixes and context

  • STORM-1044: Setting dop to zero does not raise an error

  • STORM-1050: Topologies with same name run on one cluster

  • STORM-1005: Supervisor do not get running workers after restart.

  • STORM-803: Cleanup travis-ci build and logs

  • STORM-1027: Use overflow buffer for emitting metrics

  • STORM-1024: log4j changes leaving ${sys:storm.log.dir} under STORM_HOME dir

  • STORM-944: storm-hive pom.xml has a dependency conflict with calcite

  • STORM-994: Connection leak between nimbus and supervisors

  • STORM-1001: Undefined STORM_EXT_CLASSPATH adds '::' to classpath of workers

  • STORM-977: Incorrect signal (-9) when as-user is true

  • STORM-843: [storm-redis] Add Javadoc to storm-redis

  • STORM-866: Use storm.log.dir instead of storm.home in log4j2 config

  • STORM-810: PartitionManager in storm-kafka should commit latest offset before close

  • STORM-928: Add sources->streams->fields map to Multi-Lang Handshake

  • STORM-945:  element is not a policy,and should not be putted in the  element.

  • STORM-857: create logs metadata dir when running securely

  • STORM-793: Made change to logviewer.clj in order to remove the invalid http 500 response

  • STORM-139: hashCode does not work for byte[]

  • STORM-860: UI: while topology is transitioned to killed, "Activate" button is enabled but not functioning

  • STORM-966: ConfigValidation.DoubleValidator doesn't really validate whether the type of the object is a double

  • STORM-742: Let ShellBolt treat all messages to update heartbeat

  • STORM-992: A bug in the timer.clj might cause unexpected delay to schedule new event

Apache Storm 0.10.0 发行说明:


Maven Central:

groupId: org.apache.storm
artifactId: storm-core
version: 0.10.0

同时还发布了 Apache Storm 0.9.6 版本,这是个维护版本,主要是 bug 修复和改进:

  • STORM-1027: Use overflow buffer for emitting metrics

  • STORM-996: netty-unit-tests/test-batch demonstrates out-of-order delivery

  • STORM-1056: allow supervisor log filename to be configurable via ENV variable

  • STORM-1051: Netty Client.java's flushMessages produces a NullPointerException

  • STORM-763: nimbus reassigned worker A to another machine, but other worker's netty client can't connect to the new worker A

  • STORM-935: Update Disruptor queue version to 2.10.4

  • STORM-503: Short disruptor queue wait time leads to high CPU usage when idle

  • STORM-728: Put emitted and transferred stats under correct columns

  • STORM-643: KafkaUtils repeatedly fetches messages whose offset is out of range

  • STORM-933: NullPointerException during KafkaSpout deactivation


Apache Storm 的前身是 Twitter Storm 平台,目前已经归于 Apache 基金会管辖。

Apache Storm 是一个免费开源的分布式实时计算系统。简化了流数据的可靠处理,像 Hadoop 一样实现实时批处理。Storm 很简单,可用于任意编程语言。Apache Storm 采用 Clojure 开发。

Storm 有很多应用场景,包括实时数据分析、联机学习、持续计算、分布式 RPC、ETL 等。Storm 速度非常快,一个测试在单节点上实现每秒一百万的组处理。


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