PEP 0.4.0 发布,Web 统一事件系统

发布于 2015年11月06日
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PEP 0.4.0 发布,主要更新包括,更好地支持 module bundlers。详细内容如下:

  • Fixed module inclusion for node, browserify, webpack, etc. (#223, 6a9c6f0, 19122a3)

  • Added WIP build to CDN. (#230)

  • Moved pointerevents.js to src/ directory. (#239, fbf316b)

  • Check for standard properties before prefixed properties (#225, 1c93f07)

  • Fixed issue when mutation observers aren't supported. (#204, d928d44)

  • Fixed Node.contains() bug in Firefox. (#193, 589bd3f)

  • Fixed tests for PointerMap API (#196, efce89d)

  • Added watch task to rebuild on source changes. (#236, 19e739e)

  • Improved buttons property for pointerdown and pointerup events. (#166, 0e3fb28)

  • Replaced touch-action list with spec reference. (#210, 983f24c)

  • Added example for using PEP with jQuery. (#163, 35ac341)

  • Replaced PointerMap with potentially-sparse-array-based Map polyfill. (8c6d453)

参见 changelog.

下载地址: npm, bower (pepjs), the jQuery CDNGitHub release

PEP(Pointer Events Polyfill) 是 Web 平台的统一事件系统。


完全支持:Chrome 18+, Safari 6+, IE 10, Firefox 14+;部分支持 Opera 12-14。

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