Deis v1.12 发布,开源 PaaS 系统

发布于 2015年11月05日
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Deis v1.12 发布,更新如下:

  • deis-controller uses the host's Docker engine for app config, no longer requiring Docker 1.5.0

  • deis pull now works with images built by Docker 1.6.2 and later

  • deisctl list-machines shows details of the nodes in your cluster

  • deis-logger has new drains that are more performant and resilient

  • deis-builder makes $SOURCE_VERSION available to buildpacks for Heroku compatibility

  • deis-controller disables swap usage when a memory limit is set

  • deis-registry logs more information during its startup process


  • deis pull can use a Procfile provided on the command line

  • deis-builder will continue to update etcd after transient errors

  • deis-builder updated its Docker-in-Docker wrapper to work with upcoming versions

  • DigitalOcean provisioning workflow is smoother and simpler when using rigger

  • Provisioning on Azure, GCE, and Linode handles discovery URL replacement better

  • AWS AutoScaling Groups won't be replaced thanks to CloudFormation template changes

  • Azure provisioning uses premium storage for etcd reliability

  • Linode provisioning benefits from network and DHCP configuration tweaks

  • Documentation has been updated to mention stateless graceful upgrade, Deis release criteria, and dev pre-requisites

  • deis-database and deis-registry don't require "ListAllMyBuckets" permissions for S3 storage

  • deis-builder increased its timeout to fetch third-party buildpacks


Deis 是一个 Django/Celery API 服务器、Python CLI 和一组 Chef cookbooks 合并起来提供一个类似 Heroku 的应用平台,用于公有云和私有云。Deis 的口号是:Your PaaS. Your Rules.

Deis 是一个开源的 PaaS 系统,简化和 LXC 容器和 Chef 节点的发布和伸缩。可用于托管应用、数据库、中间件和其他服务。Deis 利用 Chef、DockerHeroku Buildpacks 来提供的私有 PaaS 是非常轻量级和灵活的。

Deis 提供开箱即用的 Ruby, Python, Node.js, Java, Clojure, Scala, Play, PHP, Perl, Dart 和 Go 语言的支持。此外 Deis 可使用 Heroku Buildpacks、Docker images 和 Chef recipes 发布任何内容。Deis 主要设计用来跟不同的云提供商进行交互,支持 EC2 等平台。

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