Apache Mesos 0.25.0 发布,集群管理器

发布于 2015年10月26日
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Apache Mesos是一个集群管理器,提供了有效的、跨分布式应用或框架的资源隔离和共享,可以运行Hadoop、MPI、Hypertable、Spark。

Apache Mesos 0.25.0 发布,此版本主要是一些改进和 bug 修复:


  • [MESOS-2719] - Deprecating '.json' extension in master endpoints urls

  • [MESOS-2757] - Add -> operator for Option<T>, Try<T>, Result<T>, Future<T>.

  • [MESOS-2875] - Add containerId to ResourceUsage to enable QoS controller to target a container

  • [MESOS-2964] - libprocess io does not support peek()

  • [MESOS-2983] - Deprecating '.json' extension in slave endpoints url

  • [MESOS-2984] - Deprecating '.json' extension in files endpoints url

  • [MESOS-3037] - Add a SUPPRESS call to the scheduler

  • [MESOS-3187] - Docker cli option support

  • [MESOS-3304] - Remove remnants of LIBPROCESS_STATISTICS_WINDOW

  • [MESOS-3312] - Factor out JSON to repeated protobuf conversion

  • [MESOS-3340] - Command-line flags should take precedence over OS Env variables

  • [MESOS-3347] - Remove dead code in src/linux/perf.cpp

  • [MESOS-3377] - mesos docker container with container_name as ENV variable

  • [MESOS-3457] - Add flag to disable hostname lookup

Bug 修复

  • [MESOS-2635] - Web UI Display Bug when starting lots of tasks with small cpu value

  • [MESOS-2986] - Docker version output is not compatible with Mesos

  • [MESOS-3046] - Stout's UUID re-seeds a new random generator during each call to UUID::random.

  • [MESOS-3051] - performance issues with port ranges comparison

  • [MESOS-3052] - Allocator performance issue when using a large number of filters.

  • [MESOS-3136] - COMMAND health checks with Marathon 0.10.0 are broken

  • [MESOS-3169] - FrameworkInfo should only be updated if the re-registration is valid

  • [MESOS-3185] - Refactor Subprocess logic in linux/perf.cpp to use common subroutine

  • [MESOS-3239] - Refactor master HTTP endpoints help messages such that they cannot be out of sync.

  • [MESOS-3245] - The comments of DRFSorter::dirty is not correct

  • [MESOS-3254] - Cgroup CHECK fails test harness

  • [MESOS-3258] - Remove Frameworkinfo capabilities on re-registration

  • [MESOS-3261] - Move QoS plug-ins to a specified folder like resource_estimator

  • [MESOS-3269] - The comments of Master::updateSlave() is not correct

  • [MESOS-3282] - Web UI no longer shows Tasks information

  • [MESOS-3344] - Add more comments for strings::internal::fmt

  • [MESOS-3351] - duplicated slave id in master after master failover

  • [MESOS-3387] - Refactor MesosContainerizer to accept namespace dynamically

  • [MESOS-3408] - Labels field of FrameworkInfo should be added into v1 mesos.proto

  • [MESOS-3423] - Perf event isolator stops performing sampling if a single timeout occurs.

  • [MESOS-3426] - process::collect and process::await do not perform discard propagation.

  • [MESOS-3430] - LinuxFilesystemIsolatorTest.ROOT_PersistentVolumeWithoutRootFilesystem fails on CentOS 7.1

  • [MESOS-3450] - Update Mesos C++ Style Guide for namespace usage

  • [MESOS-3451] - Failing tests after changes to Isolator/MesosContainerizer API

  • [MESOS-3458] - Segfault when accepting or declining inverse offers

  • [MESOS-3474] - ExamplesTest.{TestFramework, JavaFramework, PythonFramework} failed on CentOS 6

  • [MESOS-3489] - Add support for exposing Accept/Decline responses for inverse offers

  • [MESOS-3490] - Mesos UI fails to represent JSON entities

  • [MESOS-3512] - Don't retry close() on EINTR.

  • [MESOS-3513] - Cgroups Test Filters aborts tests on Centos 6.6

  • [MESOS-3575] - V1 API java/python protos are not generated


  • [MESOS-2083] - Add documentation for maintenance primitives.

  • [MESOS-2466] - Write documentation for all the LIBPROCESS_* environment variables.

  • [MESOS-3508] - Update docs for Agent's --launcher flag


  • [MESOS-1831] - Master should send PingSlaveMessage instead of "PING"

  • [MESOS-1935] - Replace hard-coded reap interval with a constant

  • [MESOS-2061] - Add InverseOffer protobuf message.

  • [MESOS-2062] - Add InverseOffer to Event/Call API.

  • [MESOS-2066] - Add optional 'Unavailability' to resource offers to provide maintenance awareness.

  • [MESOS-2067] - Add HTTP API to the master for maintenance operations.

  • [MESOS-2600] - Add /reserve and /unreserve endpoints on the master for dynamic reservation

  • [MESOS-2907] - Agent : Create Basic Functionality to handle /call endpoint

  • [MESOS-3015] - Add hooks for Slave exits

  • [MESOS-3038] - Resource offers do not contain Unavailability, given a maintenance schedule

  • [MESOS-3042] - Master/Allocator does not send InverseOffers to resources to be maintained

  • [MESOS-3043] - Master does not handle InverseOffers in the Accept call (Event/Call API)

  • [MESOS-3045] - Maintenance information is not populated in case of failover

  • [MESOS-3066] - Replicated registry needs a representation of maintenance schedules

  • [MESOS-3069] - Registry operations do not exist for manipulating maintanence schedules

  • [MESOS-3217] - Replace boost unordered_{set,map} and hash with std versions.

  • [MESOS-3223] - Implement token manager for docker registry

  • [MESOS-3230] - Create a HTTP based Authentication design doc

  • [MESOS-3265] - Starting maintenance needs to deactivate agents and kill tasks.

  • [MESOS-3266] - Stopping/Completing maintenance needs to reactivate agents.

  • [MESOS-3299] - Add a protobuf to represent time with integer precision.

  • [MESOS-3310] - Support provisioning images specified in volumes.

  • [MESOS-3345] - Expand the range of integer precision when converting into/out of json.

  • [MESOS-3346] - Add filter support for inverse offers

  • [MESOS-3375] - Add executor protobuf to v1

  • [MESOS-3395] - In CMake build system, download third party dependencies from a "trusted channel" instead of from Mesos GitHub mirror

  • [MESOS-3419] - Add HELP message for reserve/unreserve endpoint

  • [MESOS-3425] - Modify LinuxLauncher to support Systemd

  • [MESOS-3459] - Change /machine/up and /machine/down endpoints to take an array

  • [MESOS-3492] - Expose maintenance user doc via the documentation home page

  • [MESOS-3510] - Synchronize V1 helper functions with pre-v1


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