Tomcat 7.0.65 发布

发布于 2015年10月21日
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Tomcat 7.0.65 发布,此版本更新内容如下:


    add 57681: Add a web application class loader implementation that supports the parallel loading of web application classes. Use of this feature requires a Java 7 or later JRE. Based on a patch by Huxing Zhang. (markt)
    fix 58187: Correct a regression in the fix for 57765 that meant that deployment of web applications deployed via the Manager application was delayed until the next execution of the automatic deployment background process. (markt)
    fix 58284: Correctly implement session serialization so non-serializable attributes are skipped with a warning. Patch provided by Andrew Shore. (markt)
    fix 58313: Fix concurrent access of encoders map when clearing encoders prior to switch to async. (markt)
    fix 58320: Fix concurrent access of request attributes which is possible during asynchronous processing. (markt)
    code    In preparation for implementing enhancement 57681, replace the use of the StandardClassLoader with URLClassLoader. This removes the server class loader from JMX. (markt)
    fix 58352: Always trigger a thread dump if Tomcat fails to stop gracefully from even if using -force. Patch provided by Alexandre Garnier. (markt)
    fix 58416: Correctly detect when a forced stop fails to stop Tomcat because the Tomcat process is waiting on some system call or is uninterruptible. (markt)
    fix 58436: Fix some rare data races in JULI's ClassLoaderLogManager during shutdown. (markt)


    fix Correct some edge cases in RequestUtil.normalize(). (markt)
    fix 58275: The IBM JREs accept cipher suite names starting with TLS_ or SSL_ but when listing the supported cipher suites only the SSL_ version is reported. This can break Tomcat's check that at least one requested cipher suite is supported. Tomcat now includes a work-around so either form of the cipher suite name can be used when running on an IBM JRE. (markt)
    fix 58357: For reasons not currently understood when the APR/native connector is used with OpenSSL reads can return an error code when there is no apparent error. This was work-around for HTTP upgrade connections by treating this as EAGAIN. The same fix has now been applied to the standard HTTP connector. (markt)
    fix 57799: Remove useless sendfile check for NIO SSL. (remm)


    fix 57136: Correct a regression in the previous fix for this issue. \${ should only an escape for ${ within an EL expression. Within a JSP page \$ should be an escape for $. The EL specification applies when parsing the expression delimited by ${ and }. Parsing of the delimiting ${ and } is the responsibility of the JSP specification. (markt)
    fix 58296: Fix a memory leak in the JSP unloading feature that meant that using a value other than -1 for maxLoadedJsps triggered a memory leak once the limit was reached. (markt)
    fix 58340: Improve error reporting for tag files packaged in JARs. (markt)
    fix 58444: Ensure that JSPs work with any custom base class that meets the requirements defined in the JSP specification without requiring that base class to implement Tomcat specific code. (markt)


    fix Fix a default clusterListeners in SimpleTcpCluster. The optimal default value is different for each session manager. ClusterSessionListener is never used in BackupManager. (kfujino)
    fix Correct log messages in case of using BackupManager. (kfujino)


    fix 58342: Fix a copy and paste error that meant MessageHandler removal could fail for binary and pong MessageHandlers. Patch provided by DJ. (markt)
    fix 58414: Correctly handle sending zero length messages when using per message deflate. (markt)

Web applications

    fix Correct documentation for cluster-howto. (kfujino)


    fix Ensure JULI adapters does not include the LogFactoryImpl class. Patch provided by Benjamin Gandon. (markt)


    add Add support for configurations of ChannelListener and MembershipListener in server.xml. (kfujino)
    fix Correct log messages in case of using ReplicatedMap. (kfujino)


    fix Make sure the pool has been properly configured when attributes that related to the pool size are changed via JMX. (kfujino)


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