Kamailio-OpenSER v3.0.0 发布,SIP服务器

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3.0 版本是一个主要的发布版本,包含很多的新功能和特性


  • 异步TCP支持 - no longer performance penalty when dealing with heavy TCP SIP traffic
  • TCP tunnings - lot of new parameters to tune TCP connection attributes
  • TLS - a new architecture - TLS support is provided now by a module
  • SCTP - a new architecture and advanced implementation of SCTP transport layer, including multi-homing, statistics for SCTP, connection associations and auto-close, runtime re-configuration, management of attributes for retransmission at transport layer, connection reuse and tracking, black-listing at SCTP level
  • internal DNS caching system with auto black-listing
  • improvements to memory manager, timers and locking system
  • include file suport in config
  • define/ifdef/ifndef support in config file
  • new routing blocks: onsend_route - access the SIP request to be sent to network; event_route - event based triggered route
  • event route block executed once, at start up, useful to custom initialisations before SIP processing starts
  • string names for routes and flags
  • cfg parameters reload framework - get/set global and module parameters without restart
  • custom cfg parameters - define your cfg parameters and use them in routing blocks
  • library framework - shared code can be structured in library
  • 14 new modules. plus the fact you can run other over 50 SER specific modules
  • number portability system - connector module and daemon
  • RPC control interface
  • new XMLRPC implementation reusing the transport layer from core - TCP and TLS support, more scalable, handle XMLRPC requests in a special route of cfg file (e.g., you can auth by IP, reply from cfg, check XMLRPC message content)
  • auth identity - support for SIP Identity (RFC 4474)
  • command line interface application - sercmd
  • switch statement matches regular expressions
  • auto-optimization of routing blocks - operations with constant results are pre-compiled for speed
  • new script operators, extended AVPs (xavp) and select classes of script variables
  • connector to memcache server
  • topology hiding - hide addresses in contact, via and route headers
  • transaction management overhaul - redesign to avoid locking, asynchronous SIP message processing, refurbished retransmission timers
  • NAT traversal using kernel space for media relaying
  • fallback for big udp packets to tcp, tls or sctp

下载地址: http://www.kamailio.org/mos/view/Download/

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