Apache Olingo 4.0.0 正式发布,JDK 1.8 支持

发布于 2015年09月22日
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Apache Olingo 4.0.0 正式发布,这是 OData 版本 4 的第一个稳定 Olingo 版本。Apache Olingo 4.0 支持 OData V4 主要的创建,查看,更新和删除特性。




OData 相关资料:

[1]: http://docs.oasis-open.org/odata/odata/v4.0/odata-v4.0-part1-protocol.html 
[2]: http://docs.oasis-open.org/odata/new-in-odata/v4.0/cn01/new-in-odata-v4.0-cn01.html 


• [OLINGO-642] - Adding an OSGi version of the Cars server sample
• [OLINGO-750] - Fix issues (critical/major) found by Olingo Code Analyse

Bug 修复
• [OLINGO-431] - java client - build failure maybe becase of
language/regional setting
• [OLINGO-652] - V4 Server gives null error messages for null pointer exceptions
• [OLINGO-653] - V4 System Query options for POST calls should lead to
an exception
• [OLINGO-655] - V4 TecSvc Action Data bug
• [OLINGO-658] - V4 TecSvc should return representation for
modification requests
• [OLINGO-664] - ODataJsonSerializer does not support null values for
• [OLINGO-679] - URI parser does not allow counting filtered collections
• [OLINGO-735] - reflectionEquals in ClientItem and FullQualifiedName
make for unacceptable parsing performance.
• [OLINGO-738] - server-ext: Missing UpsertEntity feature
• [OLINGO-741] - UriParser unable to determine correct UriResource
type when NavigationProperty has same name as an EntitySet
• [OLINGO-742] - EntitySet name does not allow period "." in its name
• [OLINGO-755] - Request $expand with valid EntitySetName does not
respond correct error
• [OLINGO-756] - Request $expand=* leads to NPE in TecSvc and Tutorial (P6)
• [OLINGO-775] - Problem with Maven 3.3.x on windows

• [OLINGO-487] - Detailed exception when no entity set is defined for
one to one navigation
• [OLINGO-632] - Make Olingo jars to OSGi bundles
• [OLINGO-650] - ContextURL error "Expand is not supported within
complex properties"
• [OLINGO-654] - V4 and V2 change Copyright years to include 2015 in
NOTICE files
• [OLINGO-659] - V4 Small Bugs Epic
• [OLINGO-675] - Improve ActionProcessor hirachy structure
• [OLINGO-682] - Support $ref in $expand
• [OLINGO-687] - $crossjoin with $filter option errors with expression
not allowed
• [OLINGO-690] - V4 Use ContentType as input parameter for de/serializers
• [OLINGO-692] - Improve processor methods
• [OLINGO-693] - Remove Serializable Interface from CSDLNamed Interface
• [OLINGO-699] - Move commons serializer to client
• [OLINGO-700] - Add deserialization support for action parameters
• [OLINGO-701] - Minor clean up before next release
• [OLINGO-712] - Delete Client HttpHeader Enum and use Commons Http
Header constants

• [OLINGO-631] - JDK 1.8 Support
• [OLINGO-663] - V4 Conditional Handling Support on Server Side
• [OLINGO-698] - Prefer Header Convenience
• [OLINGO-708] - Support for Asynchronous Requests handling
• [OLINGO-731] - V4 Debug Support

• [OLINGO-694] - Refactor samples structure and add tutorials

Apache Olingo 是个 Java 库,用来实现 Open Data Protocol (OData)。 Apache Olingo 包括服务客户端和 OData 服务器方面。当前支持 OData 2.0 ,未来会支持 OData 4.0。Apache Olingo 扩展部分支持 JPA 持久性或者注释 bean 类。

The Open Data Protocol (OData) 是个 web 协议,

为了增强各种网页应用程序之间的数据兼容性,微软公司启动了一项旨在推广网页程序数据库格式标准化的开源数据协议(OData)计划,于此同时,他们还发 布了一款适用于OData协议的开发工具,以方便网页程序开发者们使用。

Open Data Protocol (开放数据协议,OData)是用来查询和更新数据的一种Web协议,其提供了把存在于应用程序中的数据暴露出来的方式。OData运用且构建于很多 Web技术之上,比如HTTP、Atom Publishing Protocol(AtomPub)和JSON,提供了从各种应用程序、服务和存储库中访问信息的能力。OData被用来从各种数据源中暴露和访问信息, 这些数据源包括但不限于:关系数据库、文件系统、内容管理系统和传统Web站点。

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