Solr 5.3.0 发布,全文搜索服务器

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Solr 5.3.0 发布,此版本构建了 HTTP Basic Auth 实现安全插件,还有大量的其他安全框架改进。详细改进请看更新日志


  1. LUCENE-6485: Add CustomSeparatorBreakIterator to postings highlighter which splits on any character. For example, it can be used with getMultiValueSeparator render whole field values.
    (Luca Cavanna via Robert Muir)

  2. LUCENE-6459: Add common suggest API that mirrors Lucene's Query/IndexSearcher APIs for Document based suggester. Adds PrefixCompletionQuery, RegexCompletionQuery, FuzzyCompletionQuery and ContextQuery.
    (Areek Zillur via Mike McCandless)

  3. LUCENE-6487: Spatial Geo3D API now has a WGS84 ellipsoid world model option.
    (Karl Wright via David Smiley)

  4. LUCENE-6477: Add experimental BKD geospatial tree doc values format and queries, for fast "bbox/polygon contains lat/lon points"
    (Mike McCandless)

  5. LUCENE-6526: Asserting(Query|Weight|Scorer) now ensure scores are not computed if they are not needed.
    (Adrien Grand)

  6. LUCENE-6481: Add GeoPointField, GeoPointInBBoxQuery, GeoPointInPolygonQuery for simple "indexed lat/lon point in bbox/shape" searching.
    (Nick Knize via Mike McCandless)

  7. LUCENE-5954: The segments_N commit point now stores the Lucene version that wrote the commit as well as the lucene version that wrote the oldest segment in the index, for faster checking of "too old" indices
    (Ryan Ernst, Robert Muir, Mike McCandless)

  8. LUCENE-6519: BKDPointInPolygonQuery is much faster by avoiding the per-hit polygon check when a leaf cell is fully contained by the polygon.
    (Nick Knize, Mike McCandless)

  9. LUCENE-6549: Add preload option to MMapDirectory.
    (Robert Muir)

  10. LUCENE-6504: Add Lucene53Codec, with norms implemented directly via the Directory's RandomAccessInput api.
    (Robert Muir)

  11. LUCENE-6539: Add new DocValuesNumbersQuery, to match any document containing one of the specified long values.  This change also moves the existing DocValuesTermsQuery and DocValuesRangeQuery to Lucene's sandbox module, since in general these queries are quite slow and are only fast in specific cases.
    (Adrien Grand, Robert Muir, Mike McCandless)

  12. LUCENE-6577: Give earlier and better error message for invalid CRC.
    (Robert Muir)

  13. LUCENE-6544: Geo3D: (1) Regularize path & polygon construction, (2) add PlanetModel.surfaceDistance() (ellipsoidal calculation), (3) cache lat & lon in GeoPoint, (4) add thread-safety where missing -- Geo3dShape.
    (Karl Wright, David Smiley)

  14. LUCENE-6606: SegmentInfo.toString now confesses how the documents were sorted, when SortingMergePolicy was used
    (Christine Poerschke via Mike McCandless)

  15. LUCENE-6524: IndexWriter can now be initialized from an already open near-real-time or non-NRT reader.
    (Boaz Leskes, Robert Muir, Mike McCandless)

  16. LUCENE-6578: Geo3D can now compute the distance from a point to a shape, both inner distance and to an outside edge. Multiple distance algorithms are available.
    (Karl Wright, David Smiley)

  17. LUCENE-6632: Geo3D: Compute circle planes more accurately.
    (Karl Wright via David Smiley)

  18. LUCENE-6653: Added general purpose BytesTermAttribute to basic token attributes package that can be used for TokenStreams that solely produce binary terms.
    (Uwe Schindler)

  19. LUCENE-6365: Add Operations.topoSort, to run topological sort of the states in an Automaton
    (Markus Heiden via Mike McCandless)

  20. LUCENE-6365: Replace Operations.getFiniteStrings with a more scalable iterator API (FiniteStringsIterator)
    (Markus Heiden via Mike McCandless)

  21. LUCENE-6589: Add a new class that can be used to validate that an index has an appropriate structure to run join queries.
    (Adrien Grand)

  22. LUCENE-6659: Remove IndexWriter's unnecessary hard limit on max concurrency
    (Robert Muir, Mike McCandless)

  23. LUCENE-6547: Add GeoPointDistanceQuery, matching all points within the specified distance from the center point.  Fix GeoPointInBBoxQuery to handle dateline crossing.

  24. LUCENE-6694: Add LithuanianAnalyzer and LithuanianStemmer.
    (Dainius Jocas via Robert Muir)

  25. LUCENE-6695: Added a new BlendedTermQuery to blend statistics across several terms.
    (Simon Willnauer, Adrien Grand)

  26. LUCENE-6706: Added a new PayloadScoreQuery that generalises the behaviour of PayloadTermQuery and PayloadNearQuery to all Span queries.
    (Alan Woodward)

  27. LUCENE-6697: Add experimental range tree doc values format and queries, based on a 1D version of the spatial BKD tree, for a faster and smaller alternative to postings-based numeric and binary term filtering.  Range trees can also handle values larger than 64 bits.
    (Adrien Grand, Mike McCandless)

  28. LUCENE-6647: Add GeoHash string utility APIs
    (Nick Knize via Mike McCandless).

  29. LUCENE-6710: GeoPointField now uses full 64 bits (up from 62) to encode lat/lon
    (Nick Knize via Mike McCandless).

  30. LUCENE-6580: SpanNearQuery now allows defined-width gaps in its subqueries
    (Alan Woodward, Adrien Grand).

  31. LUCENE-6712: Use doc values to post-filter GeoPointField hits that fall in boundary cells, resulting in smaller index, faster searches and less heap used for each query
    (Nick Knize via Mike McCandless).


Apache Solr (读音: SOLer) 是一个开源的搜索服务器。Solr 使用 Java 语言开发,主要基于 HTTP 和 Apache Lucene 实现。Apache Solr 中存储的资源是以 Document 为对象进行存储的。每个文档由一系列的 Field 构成,每个 Field 表示资源的一个属性。Solr 中的每个 Document 需要有能唯一标识其自身的属性,默认情况下这个属性的名字是 id,在 Schema 配置文件中使用:id进行描述。

Solr是一个高性能,采用Java开发,基于Lucene的全文搜索服务器。文档通过Http利用XML加到一个搜索集合中。查询该集合也是通过 http收到一个XML/JSON响应来实现。它的主要特性包括:高效、灵活的缓存功能,垂直搜索功能,高亮显示搜索结果,通过索引复制来提高可用性,提 供一套强大Data Schema来定义字段,类型和设置文本分析,提供基于Web的管理界面等。

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