TortoiseGit 发布,Git 客户端

编辑: oschina
2015-08-17 00:00:00

TortoiseGit 发布,此版本更新内容如下:


  • Fixed  issue #2245 : Make the meaning of "Squash" clearer

  • Fixed  issue #2488 : BrowseRefsDlg: Option to hide nested branches

  • Fixed  issue #2490 : BrowseRefsDlg: Allow to configure tracked branches

  • Fixed  issue #2469 : Support reviewing merge commits (git show merge-commit)

  • Add full support for Git for Windows 2.x and windows-wide system config

  • (
  • Fixed  issue #2232 : Change Show Log to display all lines of multiline commit comments in the message column

  • Fixed  issue #1930 : Navigate directly to a commit in "Show log" by pasting its hash

  • Fixed  issue #2280 : Ability to use Msys2 git instead of Git for Windows

  • Check out the manual (keyword "Msys2 git") regarding Msys2 Git support and configuration hints. Please note that Msys2 Git is not officially supported by TortoiseGit as the developers only use Git for Windows. Bug reports, however, are welcome.
  • Fixed  issue #1003 : Show Log does not remember the from-date (configurable now)

  • Fixed  issue #1793 : Fetch&Rebase: Launch rebase only if the branch isn't up to date

  • Fixed  issue #1886 : Fetch&Rebase should allow automatic branch update if FF

  • Fixed  issue #836 : CommitDlg: Do not auto-select files which are deleted in file system, but are not deleted in the index on commit dialog (optional)

  • Fixed  issue #2513 : TortoiseGitUDiff: Add keyboard shortcuts

Bug 修复

  • Fixed  issue #2495 : "Show Reflog" dialog shows empty action for "push" entries

  • Fixed  issue #2500 : Amend with date reset causes an error with git 2.x

  • Fixed  issue #2507 : Support keyboard shortcuts in yes/no prompts

  • Fixed  issue #2496 : LogDlg: Controls may overlap on screen resolution change

  • Fixed  issue #2153 : Log window resize should expand commit list

  • Fixed  issue #2509 : Prompt for stash before rebase is not matched with pop stash  after rebase

  • Fixed  issue #2510 : Non-correctly visualized settings dialog on modern high-DPI displays

  • Fixed  issue #2514 : diff uses wrong tool in case the filename matches an extension for which a special diff tool is registerd

  • Fixed  issue #2487 : Show log dialog lose focus of "working dir changes" after content refresh

  • Fixed  issue #2517 : Submodule Update dialog cannot be re-sized

  • Fixed  issue #2504 : Problems with MS Outlook and generated emails

  • Optimized TortoiseGitBlame to be used with high contrast themes and black background colors

  • Fixed  issue #2529 : The status of files which are not checked should be the same in the index after commit

  • Unchecked deleted/renamed files were not put into previous state in index after commit
  • Fixed  issue #2537 : TortoiseGitPlink will not connect to OpenSSH 6.9

  • Upgraded TortoiseGitPlink to version 0.65
  • Shell(Extended): Fix mismatch of directory and file status; Only staged changes Were considered for the calculation of the overlay icons of directories.

  • Fixed  issue #2546 : Location bar in TortoiseGitMerge missing

  • Fixed  issue #2545 : Incorrect TortiseGitMerge behavior when ignore comments is on

  • Fixed  issue #2544 : LogDlg giving inconsistent results with rename and merge files with follow renames

  • Fixed  issue #2479 : TortoiseGit does not work in hard link folder


TortoiseGit (海龟Git)是TortoiseSVNGit版本,tortoisegit用于迁移TortoiseSVN到TortoiseGit,一直以来Git在Windows平台没有好用GUI客户端,现在tortoisegit的出现给Windows开发者带来福音。

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