Spring Data Rest 2.4.0 RC1 发布

发布于 2015年08月11日
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Spring Data Rest 2.4.0 RC1 发布了,该项目可以将 Spring Data 数据输出 Rest 接口导出。


Changes in version 2.4.0.RC1 (2015-08-04)     


* DATAREST-634 - Release 2.4 RC1 (Gosling).
* DATAREST-632 - Fix gap in JSON Schema unit tests.
* DATAREST-631 - JSON Schema doesn't show id fields when they are exposed.
* DATAREST-630 - ALPS metadata should NOT show an id field unless its exposed in the configuration.
* DATAREST-625 - Remove references to BeanWrapper.
* DATAREST-624 - Add ref docs for HAL Browser.
* DATAREST-622 - Remove obsolete wrapping of embeddeds into Resources.
* DATAREST-619 - Typo in docs of RepositoryEntityController::patchItemResource, Docs mention PUT.
* DATAREST-617 - Requests with Accept header of application/*+json return the compact representation.
* DATAREST-616 - Provide support for dynamic filtering with Querydsl.
* DATAREST-609 - For @RepositoryRestController, appending %7B to URL passes security check.
* DATAREST-606 - Non-public @RepositoryEventHandler are not made accessible prior to reflective invocation.
* DATAREST-605 - NullPointerExceptions when issuing PATCH requests on entities containing Map properties.
* DATAREST-597 - AlpsController not working on Spring 4.2.
* DATAREST-596 - Fix small typo in reference docs.
* DATAREST-588 - ResourceSupportHttpMessageConverter does not reject generic type requests.
* DATAREST-585 - Forward ResourceLoader into ProjectionFactory created for the PersistentEntityResourceAssembler.
* DATAREST-584 - Polish dependency setup.
* DATAREST-583 - RepositoryRestMvcConfiguration should set Environment and ResourceLoader on AnnotatedTypeScanner.
* DATAREST-582 - Secured event handler method invoked twice.
* DATAREST-581 - ETag getVersionInformation fails with proxied Entities for projections.
* DATAREST-577 - Make sure excerpt projections get registered automatically.
* DATAREST-576 - Remove markdown versions of README and CONTRIBUTING.
* DATAREST-565 - Hal Browser does not seem to work with spring boot with a non-default context-path.
* DATAREST-539 - RepositoryRestExceptionHandler does not log the exception if it has no message.
* DATAREST-508 - Reference documentation should be more clear about how projection interfaces are found.
* DATAREST-454 - Add section documenting conditional operations.
* DATAREST-397 - Write tests verifying proper integration with Spring Security.
* DATAREST-377 - UriStringDeserializer fails with "Could not read JSON: Template must not be null or empty!".


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