crate 0.49.3/0.50.0 发布,大规模数据存储系统

发布于 2015年06月17日
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crate 0.49.3/0.50.0 发布,其中 0.49.3 的更新内容如下:

  •  - Fixed an issue where ``_raw`` and ``_doc`` in primary key queries
       returned ``NULL``

  •  - Updated crash to 0.13.0 which includes following changes:
     - Added `dynamic` as output format option
     - Added ``--version`` to cli interface to show crash version and exit
        - Display command help in case the command is not used correctly
        - Display NULL values in mixed mode correctly
        - Fixed broken 'mixed' output style due to overriding import
        - Improved readability of sql syntax highlighting
        - Attempting to use unknown command now results in an error

  •  - Fix: return correct status for ``GET`` requests on ``/`` REST endpoint
       when cluster is starting up

  •  - Fixed a race condition that could cause a `CREATE TABLE` statement
       immediately after a `DROP TABLE` statement to fail.

  •  - Fixed a minor memory leak that occurred if custom schemas were deleted.

  •  - Fixed incorrect comparison in query by IP type

  •  - Fix: make sure sys.nodes expressions that utilize os/process/network/jvm
       services use the same stats probe per row; previously values derived from
       these services could have been from different probes

0.50.0 的更新内容如下:

  • NOTE: Upgrading from 0.49 or earlier versions requires a full cluster restart

  •  - Updated crate-admin to 0.13.2 which includes following changes:
        - improved layout for smaller screens
        - improved load graph on overview page
        - display load, cpu usage, disk i/o, process stats and shard information
          on node detail page
        - added columns with partition values on "Partitions" table
          on table detail view

  •  - Added ``probe_timestamp`` child expressions for os, process, heap, mem, and
       network columns to sys.nodes table

  •  - Added ``process['cpu']`` column to sys.nodes table

  •  - Added ``ALTER TABLE ONLY`` statement support.

  •  - Added unicast host discovery via SRV DNS records

  •  - Added the ``KILL ALL`` statement which can be used to cancel running

  •  - Added new table settings that can be set on ``CREATE TABLE``
       and changed/reset with ``ALTER TABLE``.

  •  - Added the ``concat`` scalar function and the concat operator ``||``.

  •  - Updated Elasticsearch to 1.5.2

  •  - Added the ``IF NOT EXISTS`` clause to the ``CREATE TABLE`` statement


Crate Data 是一个开源的大规模的可伸缩的数据存储系统,无需任何系统管理需求。提供强大的搜索功能。用于存储各种表格数据、非结构化数据和二进制对象。并可通过 SQL 进行检索。易于安装和使用,支持高可用性和实时大规模并行访问和处理。


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