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Apache Storm 0.10.0-beta 发布
oschina 2015年06月16日

Apache Storm 0.10.0-beta 发布

oschina oschina 发布于2015年06月16日 收藏 1 评论 0

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Apache Storm 0.10.0-beta 发布,值得关注的更新如下:


  • Kerberos Authentication with Automatic Credential Push and Renewal

  • Pluggable Authorization and ACLs

  • Multi-Tenant Scheduling with Per-User isolation and configurable resource limits.

  • User Impersonation

  • SSL Support for Storm UI, Log Viewer, and DRPC (Distributed Remote Procedure Call)

  • Secure integration with other Hadoop Projects (such as ZooKeeper, HDFS, HBase, etc.)

  • User isolation (Storm topologies run as the user who submitted them)


  • Easily configure and deploy Storm topologies (Both Storm core and Micro-batch API) without embedding configuration in your topology code

  • Support for existing topology code

  • Define Storm Core API (Spouts/Bolts) using a flexible YAML DSL

  • YAML DSL support for most Storm components (storm-kafka, storm-hdfs, storm-hbase, etc.)

  • Convenient support for multi-lang components

  • External property substitution/filtering for easily switching between configurations/environments (similar to Maven-style ${variable.name} substitution)


该版本下载请点这里:the downloads page.

Apache Storm 的前身是 Twitter Storm 平台,目前已经归于 Apache 基金会管辖。

Apache Storm 是一个免费开源的分布式实时计算系统。简化了流数据的可靠处理,像 Hadoop 一样实现实时批处理。Storm 很简单,可用于任意编程语言。Apache Storm 采用 Clojure 开发。

Storm 有很多应用场景,包括实时数据分析、联机学习、持续计算、分布式 RPC、ETL 等。Storm 速度非常快,一个测试在单节点上实现每秒一百万的组处理。


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