Apache Directory Studio 2.0-0-M9 发布

发布于 2015年06月15日
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Apache Directory Studio 2.0-0-M9 发布,此版本可以作为一个独立的 RCP 应用下载到 Mac OS X,Linux 和 Windows:http://directory.apache.org/studio/downloads.html

同时也可以直接在 Eclipse 安装:http://directory.apache.org/studio/update/


* 基于 Eclipse Luna 最新版本的 RCP 应用
* 修改更新页面到 'p2' 格式
* 支持 ApacheDS 2.0.0-M20 配置,集成到 LDAP 服务器插件


Apache Directory Studio 2.0.0-M9 更新日志:

Bug 修复

* DIRSTUDIO-815 - Tiny translation error [DE]
* DIRSTUDIO-819 - Cannot open entries with DNs with UTF8 characters
(Active Directory)
* DIRSTUDIO-836 - Search for attributes with underscore "_" in attribute
name eg. attr_name is not possible
* DIRSTUDIO-855 - Some logical site artifact paths do not exist in
site.xml / Apache Directory Studio 2.X Update Site / Nexus P2 Update
Site Proxy
* DIRSTUDIO-860 - Apache Directory Studio Update Site ZIP Archive not
installable in Eclipse Indigo
* DIRSTUDIO-903 - Clicking "Accept" when no changes have been made on
the password edit dialog changes the password
* DIRSTUDIO-922 - Eclipse plugin for version 2.0.0-M7 not installing
* DIRSTUDIO-932 - NPE while importing an ApacheDS 2.0 configuration from
within the editor
* DIRSTUDIO-934 - Exporting the configuration from the ApacheDS 2.0
Configuration Editor should not change the input
* DIRSTUDIO-938 - LDAP Browser shows non ascii symbols as escaped
* DIRSTUDIO-948 - Sorting search results does not work with over 1000
* DIRSTUDIO-950 - Add support for PKCS5S2 hashing mechanism in Password
* DIRSTUDIO-955 - Quick search one/subtree scope button is not
sticky/always defaults to "one" when starting DS
* DIRSTUDIO-958 - Exporting schemas as OpenLDAP files outputs entries in
random order
* DIRSTUDIO-959 - Exporting schemas as OpenLDAP files does not use
proper escaping
* DIRSTUDIO-961 - Crash during loading after recent uplate of libraries
on Ubuntu
* DIRSTUDIO-962 - Crash at startup : gtk_widget_get_tooltip_text
* DIRSTUDIO-963 - Why UTF-8 is escaped in DN strings since 2.0.0?
* DIRSTUDIO-964 - Fonts look ugly on Mac with Retina Display
* DIRSTUDIO-965 - SIGSEGV on Startup
* DIRSTUDIO-966 - NullPointerException after expanding LDAP tree and
"Error notifying a preference change listener" in "attr/val quick filter"
* DIRSTUDIO-967 - Timeout occurs during LDAP search
* DIRSTUDIO-970 - gui quit whithout any prompt
* DIRSTUDIO-979 - Crash with port already in use issues
* DIRSTUDIO-983 - Package org.eclipse.update has been removed in Eclipse 4.2
* DIRSTUDIO-988 - Studio plugins don't work in Eclipse Luna
* DIRSTUDIO-993 - Directory studio stops after a few commands issued
* DIRSTUDIO-999 - Fails to start after upgrade to CentOS 6.6/cairo 1.8.8-3.1
* DIRSTUDIO-1000 - LDAP perspective not opening on STS 3.6.2
* DIRSTUDIO-1001 - Unable to install in Luna
* DIRSTUDIO-1012 - Wrong USAGE for 9 passwordPolicy attributes
* DIRSTUDIO-1014 - Cannot remove the 'finished operations' in the
progress pane
* DIRSTUDIO-1018 - Adding a new LDIF file directly fails with an error
"can't find IDfind.ext"
* DIRSTUDIO-1020 - Fail to launch
* DIRSTUDIO-1038 - Dispose the various org.eclipse.swt.graphics.*
objects we use
* DIRSTUDIO-1039 - SWTBot test suite hangs on opening connection
* DIRSTUDIO-1040 - Job found still running after platform shutdown
* DIRSTUDIO-1042 - Fix logging system
* DIRSTUDIO-1043 - First open of LDIF editor fails
* DIRSTUDIO-1045 - New Connection problem - ERR_04269 ATTRIBUTE_TYPE for
OID ads-basedn does not exist
* DIRSTUDIO-1047 - No BrowserViewUniversalListener.connectionOpened null


* DIRSTUDIO-425 - Please provide the eclipse update site as zipfile
* DIRSTUDIO-937 - No password confirmation while changing it
* DIRSTUDIO-940 - Have schema editor populate creatorsName attribute for
new objects (needed by ApacheDS)
* DIRSTUDIO-941 - Friendly name for attribute syntax not shown when
creating new attribute
* DIRSTUDIO-942 - Description for OID missing
* DIRSTUDIO-980 - Make the new schema element visible withoit needing to
click refresh in an obscure popup...
* DIRSTUDIO-985 - member;Range
* DIRSTUDIO-1003 - The "Open Configuration" function is broken and
doesn't work
* DIRSTUDIO-1041 - Headless run of SWTBot tests


* DIRSTUDIO-756 - Provide a P2 repository
* DIRSTUDIO-949 - Add the ability to configure a Mavibot partition


* DIRSTUDIO-646 - Exclude ".gitignore" from source distribution
* DIRSTUDIO-995 - Migrate build system to use Tycho
* DIRSTUDIO-1005 - Cleanup ApacheDS plugins
* DIRSTUDIO-1006 - Fix ODF export
* DIRSTUDIO-1007 - Replace org.eclipse.update.*
* DIRSTUDIO-1009 - Check legal files
* DIRSTUDIO-1010 - Hide unwanted UI items contributed by org.eclipse.*
* DIRSTUDIO-1016 - Adapt ApacheDS plugins to new configuration scheme
* DIRSTUDIO-1051 - Update developer documentation
* DIRSTUDIO-1021 - Enable tests
* DIRSTUDIO-1023 - Generate P2 repository / update site
* DIRSTUDIO-1024 - Define release process
* DIRSTUDIO-1025 - Cleanup after Tycho Migration

The Apache Directory Team

Apache Directory Studio 是一个 LDAP 的工具平台,用来连接到任何 LDAP 服务器并进行管理和开发工作。

主要功能:LDAP浏览器、LDIF编辑器、嵌入式 ApacheDS、ACI编辑器。

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