Spring Boot 1.3.0 M1 发布

发布于 2015年06月13日
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Spring Boot 1.3.0 M1 发布,此版本现已提供在 Spring milestone repository,此版本是基于 Spring Framework 4.2.0.RC1 构建的,提供一些新特性和改进,主要更新内容如下:

  • A new spring-boot-devtools module with support for automatic restart, LiveReload and remote update.

  • Extensive caching support for EhCache, Hazelcast, Infinispan, Redis, Guava or any compliant JSR-107 (JCache) implementation. Cache metric information is now also exposed via the actuator (when the underlying technology supports it).

  • Improved metrics support, include export and aggregation features and big performance improvements if you’re using Java 8.

  • Fully executable JARs for Linux based operating systems, including “service” support. Starting a Boot application as a Linux service is now as easy as typing: sudo ln -s /var/myapp/myapp.jar /etc/init.d/myapp.

  • Additional OAuth2 Support, including @EnableAuthorizationServer, @EnableResourceServer and @EnableOAuth2Client annotations.

  • New HealthEndpoints for Elasticsearch, Email and JMS.

  • Maven start and stop goals to help with integration testing.

升级指导和改进详情请看 Spring Boot 1.3 Release Notes

Spring Boot 项目旨在简化创建产品级的 Spring 应用和服务。你可通过它来选择不同的 Spring 平台。可创建独立的 Java 应用和 Web 应用,同时提供了命令行工具来允许 'spring scripts'.

下图显示 Spring Boot 在 Spring 生态中的位置:

Spring Boot in Context


  • 为 Spring 的开发提供了更快更广泛的快速上手

  • 使用默认方式实现快速开发

  • 提供大多数项目所需的非功能特性,诸如:嵌入式服务器、安全、心跳检查、外部配置等

Spring Boot 不生成代码,完全无需 XML 配置。

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