GitLab 7.12.0 RC1 发布,代码托管平台

发布于 2015年06月13日
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GitLab 7.12.0 RC1 发布,下载:

GitLab 7.12.0 计划特性:

- Update oauth button logos for Twitter and Google to recommended assets
  - Update browser gem to version 0.8.0 for IE11 support (Stan Hu)
  - Fix timeout when rendering file with thousands of lines.
  - Add "Remember me" checkbox to LDAP signin form.
  - Don't notify users mentioned in code blocks or blockquotes.
  - Omit link to generate labels if user does not have access to create them (Stan Hu)
  - Show warning when a comment will add 10 or more people to the discussion.
  - Disable changing of the source branch in merge request update API (Stan Hu)
  - Shorten merge request WIP text.
  - Add option to disallow users from registering any application to use GitLab as an OAuth provider
  - Support editing target branch of merge request (Stan Hu)
  - Refactor permission checks with issues and merge requests project settings (Stan Hu)
  - Fix Markdown preview not working in Edit Milestone page (Stan Hu)
  - Fix Zen Mode not closing with ESC key (Stan Hu)
  - Allow HipChat API version to be blank and default to v2 (Stan Hu)
  - Add file attachment support in Milestone description (Stan Hu)
  - Fix milestone "Browse Issues" button.
  - Set milestone on new issue when creating issue from index with milestone filter active.
  - Make namespace API available to all users (Stan Hu)
  - Add web hook support for note events (Stan Hu)
  - Disable "New Issue" and "New Merge Request" buttons when features are disabled in project settings (Stan Hu)
  - Remove Rack Attack monkey patches and bump to version 4.3.0 (Stan Hu)
  - Fix clone URL losing selection after a single click in Safari and Chrome (Stan Hu)
  - Fix git blame syntax highlighting when different commits break up lines (Stan Hu)
  - Add "Resend confirmation e-mail" link in profile settings (Stan Hu)
  - Allow to configure location of the `.gitlab_shell_secret` file. (Jakub Jirutka)
  - Disabled expansion of top/bottom blobs for new file diffs
  - Update Asciidoctor gem to version 1.5.2. (Jakub Jirutka)
  - Fix resolving of relative links to repository files in AsciiDoc documents. (Jakub Jirutka)
  - Use the user list from the target project in a merge request (Stan Hu)
  - Default extention for wiki pages is now .md instead of .markdown (Jeroen van Baarsen)
  - Add validation to wiki page creation (only [a-zA-Z0-9/_-] are allowed) (Jeroen van Baarsen)
  - Fix new/empty milestones showing 100% completion value (Jonah Bishop)
  - Add a note when an Issue or Merge Request's title changes
  - Consistently refer to MRs as either Accepted or Rejected.
  - Add Accepted and Rejected tabs to MR lists.
  - Prefix EmailsOnPush email subject with `[Git]`.
  - Group project contributions by both name and email.
  - Clarify navigation labels for Project Settings and Group Settings.
  - Move user avatar and logout button to sidebar
  - You can not remove user if he/she is an only owner of group
  - User should be able to leave group. If not - show him proper message
  - User has ability to leave project
  - Add SAML support as an omniauth provider
  - Allow to configure a URL to show after sign out
  - Add an option to automatically sign-in with an Omniauth provider
  - Better performance for web editor (switched from satellites to rugged)
  - GitLab CI service sends .gitlab-ci.yaml in each push call
  - When remove project - move repository and schedule it removal
  - Improve group removing logic
  - Trigger create-hooks on backup restore task
  - Add option to automatically link omniauth and LDAP identities

开源中国代码托管平台 就是基于 GitLab 项目搭建。

GitLab是一个利用 Ruby on Rails 开发的开源应用程序,实现一个自托管的Git项目仓库,可通过Web界面进行访问公开的或者私人项目。


GitLab 5.0以前版本要求服务器端采用 Gitolite 搭建,5.0版本以后不再使用 Gitolite ,采用自己开发的 gitlab-shell 来实现。如果你觉得安装麻烦可以使用 GitLab Installers 一键安装程序。


  • Ubuntu/Debian

  • ruby 1.9.3+

  • mysql or postgresql

  • git

  • gitlab-shell

  • redis

  • Sidekiq

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