Vue.js 0.12.0 Dragon Ball 发布,JavaScript 库

发布于 2015年06月13日
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Vue.js 0.12.0 发布,代号 Dragon Ball,重要更新:

  • paramAttributes option has been renamed to props.

  • v-with has been deprecated. Now props are the only way to pass data to a child component.

  • v-component has been deprecated. Now all components should use the custom tag syntax. For dynamic components, a new syntax is introduced: <component is="{{view}}"></component>.

    • Note: v-component will still be available for table elements, due to <table>'s content restrictions.

  • v-partial and {{> partial}} have been deprecated.

  • v-events have been deprecated. It is now recommended to pass down methods as prop callbacks.

  • Filter argument syntax has been reworked. Now non-quoted arguments are treated as dynamic paths (and the argument will be auto-retrieved from the vm when the filter function is called); only arguments enclosed in quotes are passed in as plain strings.


    {{ msg | filter argA 'argB' }}

    In the filter function, the first argument will be the value of vm.argA, and the second argument will be a plain string "argB".

    For the reasoning behind it, see this comment.

  • When v-ref is used together with v-repeat, and the value being repeated on is an Object, the corresponding ref will also be an Object, with its keys pointing to the associated child instances.

  • vm.$watch() now accepts an options object for deep and immediate flags instead of fixed arguments.

  • Transition cancel hook: you should now use enterCancelled and leaveCancelled hooks to handle a cancelled transition. Functions returned in enter and leave hooks are no longer respected.


Vue.js 是构建 Web 界面的 JavaScript 库,提供数据驱动的组件,还有简单灵活的 API,使得 MVVM 更简单。


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