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TorqueBox 4 Beta1 发布,Ruby 应用平台
叶秀兰 2015年06月11日

TorqueBox 4 Beta1 发布,Ruby 应用平台

叶秀兰 叶秀兰 发布于2015年06月11日 收藏 1 评论 0

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TorqueBox 4 Beta1 发布,此版本修复了大量 alpha 版本的 issues。除非 Beta 1 包含大量的 bug,否则下一个版本就是 TorqueBox 4 正式版!TorqueBox 4 与 TorqueBox 3 的区别请看 TorqueBox 4 blog archives

TorqueBox 4.0.0.beta1 更新日志

  • The 'torquebox' gem was missing gem dependencies on 'torquebox-caching' and 'torquebox-messaging'. This has been fixed.

  • Streaming of responses when not using chunked transfer-encoding is fixed.

  • Bundler wasn't being packaged inside executable jars created with 'torquebox jar' if Bundler was installed in a non-standard $GEM_HOME.

  • Recent versions of Nokogiri will once again work when an app is packaged as a .war and deployed to WildFly.

  • Passing "–env foo" to the "torquebox war" command no longer results in "NoMethodError: undefined method `[]=' for nil:Nilclass".

  • Development moved to the 'master' branch instead of 'torqbox'

  • The Rack Hijack API has been partially implemented.

  • Print out the host and port that web is listening on when programmatically started with :auto_start set to true.

  • Wars generated with 'torquebox war' can now be run directly with java -jar foo.war, just like jars.

  • Scripts can now be run from inside packaged jar and war files using "-S". Ex: java -jar my_rails_app.jar -S rake db:migrate


TorqueBox (目前已改名为 TurkeyBox)是一个集成了流行的Ruby技术的忍者级应用平台,与 Ruby on Rails 类似,同时扩大了Ruby应用功能,以支持包括任务调度,任务队列,SOAP 处理和远程通讯。

TorqueBox 提供了一个集成的环境,该环境基于最新版的 JBoss AS 应用服务器,提供包括集群、云计算的功能。

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