Deis v1.7 发布,开源 PaaS 系统

发布于 2015年06月09日
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注意:升级到 Deis 1.7 的时候,应用下载的时候已经证实有个重要的 bug。现在正在快速修复测试,将会尽快发布 Deis v1.7.1 版本。强烈建议大家不要升级 Deis 1.7,请等待 Deis 1.7.1 版本再升级!

Deis v1.7.0 包括自动化主机移除;更小的 Docker 镜像;平台相关的修复。Deis 发布路线已经公布,也可以参与发布计划

如果需要升级最新的 Deis 版本,请看 "Upgrading Deis" 文档。



  • Deis has adopted an Open Roadmap and planning process

  • Most components use alpine:3.1 as a base, making Docker images smaller

  • Optional scripts allow for automatic host removal

  • All Heroku-compatible buildpacks were updated to recent versions

  • Deis example apps have been updated to current languages and frameworks

  • Randomly-generated app names won't collide with existing ones, and the vocabulary is expanded

  • deisctl config rm removes an existing deis configuration key

  • deis-controller can be customized to appear at a subdomain other than deis.

  • deis auth:passwd accepts a --username flag to allow an admin to update a user's password

  • deis-publisher can be profiled with Go's pprof package

  • EC2 provisioning supports custom volume sizes

  • deis-publisher exposes its config as flags

  • deis-controller doesn't use deprecated HTTP X- headers

  • Azure clusters automatically create a new discovery URL during provisioning


  • deis-builder removes the git repo and related Docker images after deis destroy

  • deis-router won't keep hashing on an empty string

  • some etcd errors which were hidden are now properly raised at component start

  • deis logs -n won't raise an IOError when piped to head

  • deis builds:create requires an explicit Docker image tag

  • EC2 clusters use an EBS volume to store etcd data

  • docker.service now depends on its mount to exist before starting

  • better documentation for Deis backup/restore and for CoreOS upgrades

  • deisctl list no longer lists an app named deis-demo, for example

  • deis-swarm unit files are now fetched with deisctl refresh-units

  • deis config:push and config:pull validate the .env file syntax


  • updated CoreOS to 647.2.0

  • deis honors requests' environment variables such as REQUESTS_CA_BUNDLE

  • Ceph uses a lower, more appropriate number of placement groups

  • deis-logger won't query etcd for every log line

  • deis-database runs backups in the background

  • deis-builder was reorganized around Docker image best practices

  • deis-controller's webEnabled key uses a safer numeric default of 0

  • custom clock sync logic in user-data was unneeded and was removed

  • $PORT logic was unused and removed from fleet

  • deis-builder silenced some benign pipefail errors on boot

  • deis-router returns a 404 for a non-existent app

更多详情请看 更新日志


  • 可插拔的存储子系统

  • TTY Broker

  • Scheduling(Fleet) 和 Orchestration



Deis 是一个 Django/Celery API 服务器、Python CLI 和一组 Chef cookbooks 合并起来提供一个类似 Heroku 的应用平台,用于公有云和私有云。Deis 的口号是:Your PaaS. Your Rules.

Deis 是一个开源的 PaaS 系统,简化和 LXC 容器和 Chef 节点的发布和伸缩。可用于托管应用、数据库、中间件和其他服务。Deis 利用 Chef、DockerHeroku Buildpacks 来提供的私有 PaaS 是非常轻量级和灵活的。

Deis 提供开箱即用的 Ruby, Python, Node.js, Java, Clojure, Scala, Play, PHP, Perl, Dart 和 Go 语言的支持。此外 Deis 可使用 Heroku Buildpacks、Docker images 和 Chef recipes 发布任何内容。Deis 主要设计用来跟不同的云提供商进行交互,尽管目前只支持 EC2。

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