Apache Ant 1.9.5 发布

发布于 2015年06月05日
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Apache Ant 1.9.5 发布,此版本主要是个 bug 修复版本,也包括一些新特性,比如新资源集合 allbutlast/allbutfirst,作为现有资源 first/last 的补充。



- -------------------------------------------

 * The ReplaceTokens filter can now use token-separators longer than
   one character.
   Bugzilla Report 56584

 * The changes that added <get>'s support for gzip encoding
   automatically uncompressed content that would not have been touched
   before - like when downloading .tar.gz files.  A new flag has
   been added to control the behavior and its default will make <get>
   work as it did in 1.9.3.
   Bugzilla Report 57048

Bugs 修复
- -----------

 * TarArchiveInputStream failed to read archives with empty gid/uid
   Bugzilla Report 56641

 * TarArchiveInputStream could throw IOException when reading PAX
   headers from a "slow" InputStream.

 * XMLJunitResultFormatter could throw NullPointerException if Java
   cannot determine the local hostname.
   Bugzilla Report 56593

 * URLResource#getLastModified tried to access the connection to the
   URL without making sure it was established, potentially leading to
   a NullPointerException when using FTP.
   Bugzilla Report 56873

 * Long-Name and -link or PAX-header entries in TAR archives
   always had the current time as last modfication time, creating
   archives that are different at the byte level each time an
   archive was built.

 * runant.py should now work as well when the path of the Java
   executable contains spaces.
   github pull request #1

 * <junitreport> now supports nested <classpath> and <factory> elements.
   Bugzilla Report 47002

 * complete-ant-cmd.pl now also knows about the -file option.
   Bugzilla Report 57371

 * the br-replace template inside the XSLT stylesheets used by
   <junitreport> could cause stack overflows or out-of-memory errors
   when applied to big outputs.
   Bugzilla Report 57341

 * removed spurious warning about unclosed ZipFiles when reading the
   archive failed.
   Port of https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/COMPRESS-297

 * FileUtils.rename which is used by several tasks can throw a
   NullPointerException if the "normal" renameTo operation fails and
   an exception occurs while rename falls back to copying and
   deleting the file.
   Bugzilla Report 57533

 * complete-ant-cmd.pl would incorrectly suggest words from the build
   file description.
   Bugzilla Report 51931

 * complete-ant-cmd.pl now also completes tasks without a description.
   Bugzilla Report 57542

 * LocalPropertyStack could run into ConcurrentModificationException
   when tasks spawned new child threads that accessed the properties.
   Bugzilla Report 55074

 * TarEntry's constructor with a File and a String arg didn't
   normalize the name.

 * Between 1.8.4 and 1.9.0 TarInputStream started to parse file
   names using the platform's default encoding rather than as ASCII.
   This has been a breaking change that has never been marked as such
   (in fact it went unnoticed).  In order to allow <untar> and
   <tarfileset> to work on platforms who's encoding doesn't match
   the encoding of file names inside the archive, both now support
   encoding attributes.
   The attribute has also been added to <tar> for symmetry.
   Bugzilla Report 57822

- --------------

 * it is now possible to provide proxy configuration to signjar
   when using the timestamped authority.
   Bugzilla Report 56678

 * complete-ant-cmd.pl now also analyzes the ANT_ARGS environment
   Bugzilla Report 57371

 * ported some of the write-optimization of Commons Compress 1.10 to
   the ZIP package

 * adapted unit tests to Java9 and added "javac1.9" as valid option
   for javac's compiler attribute.

 * performance improvements for <intersect>
   Bugzilla Report 57588

 * MailLogger can now add CC and BCC addresses.
   Bugzilla Report 57789.

 * <scp>'s buffer size has been increased from 1k to 100k to match
   <ftp> and <get>.
   github pull requests #8 and #9

 * The tar package can now deal with group and user ids bigger than

 * <scp> has new attributes fileMode and dirMode that control the
   permissions on the remote side when sending data via SSH.
   Bugzilla Report 43271.

 * New <allbutlast> and <allbutfirst> resource collections can be used
   to select all but a given subset of a resource collection.
   Bugzilla Report 57834.

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cocos2dx 还在用 ant
这个好东西, 只是有maven后用的少了, ant里面的方法还是很强大的, 好多开源程序参考的