openCV 3.0 发布,计算机视觉库

发布于 2015年06月05日
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openCV 3.0 发布,更新内容如下:

  • ~1500 patches, submitted as PR @ github. All our patches go the same route.

  • opencv_contrib ( repository has been added. A lot of new functionality is there already! opencv_contrib is only compatible with 3.0/master, not 2.4. Clone the repository and use “cmake … -D OPENCV_EXTRA_MODULES_PATH=<path_to opencv_contrib/modules> …” to build opencv and opencv_contrib together.

  • a subset of Intel IPP (IPPCV) is given to us and our users free of charge, free of licensing fees, for commercial and non-commerical use. It’s used by default in x86 and x64 builds on Windows, Linux and Mac.

  • T-API (transparent API) has been introduced, this is transparent GPU acceleration layer using OpenCL. It does not add any compile-time or runtime dependency of OpenCL. When OpenCL is available, it’s detected and used, but it can be disabled at compile time or at runtime. It covers ~100 OpenCV functions. This work has been done by contract and with generous support from AMD and Intel companies.

  • ~40 OpenCV functions have been accelerated using NEON intrinsics and because these are mostly basic functions, some higher-level functions got accelerated as well.

  • There is also new OpenCV HAL layer that will simplifies creation of NEON-optimized code and that should form a base for the open-source and proprietary OpenCV accelerators.

  • The documentation is now in Doxygen:

  • We cleaned up API of many high-level algorithms from features2d, calib3d, objdetect etc. They now follow the uniform “abstract interface – hidden implementation” pattern and make extensive use of smart pointers (Ptr<>).

  • Greatly improved and extended Python & Java bindings (also, see below on the Python bindings), newly introduced Matlab bindings (still in alpha stage).

  • Improved Android support – now OpenCV Manager is in Java and supports both 2.4 and 3.0.

  • Greatly improved WinRT support, including video capturing and multi-threading capabilities. Thanks for Microsoft team for this!



OpenCV 是 Intel 开源计算机视觉库。它由一系列 C 函数和少量 C++ 类构成,实现了图像处理和计算机视觉方面的很多通用算法。

OpenCV 拥有包括 300 多个C函数的跨平台的中、高层 API。它不依赖于其它的外部库——尽管也可以使用某些外部库。

OpenCV 对非商业应用和商业应用都是免费(FREE)的。(细节参考 license)。

OpenCV 为Intel Integrated Performance Primitives (IPP) 提供了透明接口。 这意味着如果有为特定处理器优化的的 IPP 库, OpenCV 将在运行时自动加载这些库。

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