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RSyslog Windows Agent 3.1 发布
oschina 2015年06月04日

RSyslog Windows Agent 3.1 发布

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RSyslog Windows Agent 3.1 发布, 下载页面请看这里


  • All internal errors are now logged into the EventLog when "Event Warnings" are enabled in general options.

  • Added Rule Date Conditions. By default a rule will always be processed. It can be set to only process messages generated since the installation or custom date.

  • Syslog Server: Added new Option to save original source into custom property when using "Take Source system from Syslog message" option.

  • File Monitor: Files are now opened with FILE_SHARE_DELETE flag which enables other applications to delete them (like logrotation tools do).

此外还有一些 bugs 修复,更多内容请看发行日志

Rsyslog 是一个 syslogd 的多线程增强版。

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