Apache Calcite 1.3.0 发布

发布于 2015年06月03日
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Apache Calcite 是一个动态数据管理框架,用于 Hadoop 平台。

Apache Calcite 1.3.0 发布,此版本现已提供下载:




  • [CALCITE-505] Support modifiable view

  • [CALCITE-704]FILTER clause for aggregate functions

  • [CALCITE-522] In remote JDBC driver, transmit static database properties as a map

  • [CALCITE-661] Remote fetch in Calcite JDBC driver

  • Support Date, Time, Timestamp parameters

API 改进

  • [CALCITE-722] Rename markdown files to lower-case

  • [CALCITE-697] Obsolete class RelOptQuery

  • [CALCITE-693] Allow clients to control creation of RelOptCluster

  • [CALCITE-691] Allow projects to supply alternate SQL parser

  • [CALCITE-675] Enable AggregateProjectMergeRule in standard rule set

  • [CALCITE-679] Factory method for SemiJoin

  • [CALCITE-674] Add a SWAP_OUTER static instance to JoinCommuteRule (Maryann Xue)

  • [CALCITE-735]Primitive.DOUBLE.min should be large and negative

Bug 修复和内部改进

  • [CALCITE-688]splitCondition does not behave correctly when one side of the condition references columns from different inputs

  • [CALCITE-259] Using sub-queries in CASE statement against JDBC tables generates invalid Oracle SQL (Yeong Wei)

  • In sample code in README.md, rename optiq to calcite (Ethan)

  • [CALCITE-720]VolcanoPlanner.ambitious comment doc is inconsistent (Santiago M. Mola)

  • [CALCITE-729]IndexOutOfBoundsException in ROLLUP query on JDBC data source

  • [CALCITE-733] Multiple distinct-COUNT query gives wrong results

  • [CALCITE-730]ClassCastException in table from CloneSchema

  • [CALCITE-728] Test suite hangs on Windows

  • [CALCITE-723] Document lattices

  • [CALCITE-515] Add Apache headers to markdown files

  • Upgrade quidem

  • [CALCITE-716] Scalar sub-query and aggregate function in SELECT or HAVING clause givesAssertionError

  • [CALCITE-694] Scan HAVING clause for sub-queries and IN-lists (Hsuan-Yi Chu)

  • Upgrade hydromatic-resource-maven-plugin

  • [CALCITE-710] Identical conditions in the WHERE clause cause AssertionError (Sean Hsuan-Yi Chu)

  • [CALCITE-695] Do not add SINGLE_VALUE aggregate function to a sub-query that will never return more than one row (Hsuan-Yi Chu)

  • Add tests for scalar sub-queries, including test cases for [CALCITE-709] Errors with LIMIT inside scalar sub-query

  • [CALCITE-702] Add validator test for monotonic expressions

  • [CALCITE-699] In Avatica, synchronize access to Calendar

  • [CALCITE-700] Pass time zone into tests

  • [CALCITE-698] For GROUP BY (), areColumnsUnique() should return true for any key

  • Disable tests that fail under JDK 1.7 due to [CALCITE-687]

  • Add “getting started” to HOWTO

  • [CALCITE-692] Add back sqlline as a dependency

  • [CALCITE-677]RemoteDriverTest.testTypeHandling fails east of Greenwich

  • Disable test for [CALCITE-687] Make RemoteDriverTest.testStatementLifecycle thread-safe

  • [CALCITE-686]SqlNode.unparse produces invalid SQL

  • [CALCITE-507] Update HOWTO.md with running integration tests

  • Add H2 integration test

  • Add PostgreSQL integration test

  • [CALCITE-590] Update MongoDB test suite to calcite-test-dataset

  • Add CalciteAssert.assertArrayEqual for more user-friendly asserts

  • [CALCITE-585] Avatica JDBC methods should throw SQLFeatureNotSupportedException (Ng Jiunn Jye)

  • [CALCITE-671]ByteString does not deserialize properly as a FetchRequest parameter value

  • [CALCITE-676]AssertionError in GROUPING SETS query

  • [CALCITE-678]SemiJoinRule mixes up fields when Aggregate.groupSet is not field #0


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