Spring XD 1.2 RC1 发布

发布于 2015年06月03日
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Spring XD 1.2 RC1 发布,此版本现已提供下载,也可以通过 rpm 安装。

此版本主要包括 bug 修复,一些新特性和改进:

  • Apache Ambari plugin to automate the deployment of Spring XD to a Hadoop cluster.

  • A new Analytics tab in the UI that allows you to easily view gauges, counters, field-value counters and aggregate counters.

  • Performance improvements for the Kafka Message Bus that places it on par with the performance benchmark applications that ship with Kafka.

  • Improved HA support for the Rabbit Message Bus, XD containers connect to the Rabbit Broker that hosts the queue that is being consumed

  • Support for the Sqoop metastore and other Sqoop integration improvements

  • Support for multiple topics in the Kafka source.

  • Add rolloverTime option to HDFS sink

  • Support incremental data import with jdbchdfs job

  • Ability to tap Spark streaming processors

  • Support arbitrary JavaMail properties in the mail source

  • Several new source/sink modules

  • The gpfdist sink is now included in the XD distribution

  • Performance improvements for reactor based processor

  • Support for Oracle as a batch repository

  • Change from log4j to Logback logging framework

完整列表请看 issues fixed for 1.2 RC1,更多内容请看发行说明

Spring XD 是一个统一的,分布式,可扩展的系统用于数据摄取,实时分析,批量处理和数据导出。该项目的目标是简化大数据应用的开发。

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