Kryo 3.0.1 发布,高性能 Java 序列化器

发布于 2015年03月24日
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Kryo 3.0.1 在 3月24日发布了,改进记录包括:

  • Update reflectasm to 1.10.1 with java 8 support (a2c0699)

  • Warning about use when references are enabled. (7e67a1f)

  • Fix #286 CompatibleFieldSerializer fails with IndexOutOfBoundsException on field removal: Add compatible option for VersionFieldSerializer (907c58b)

  • Removed auto registration of Java8 closures. (1c5562d)

  • Changed to no longer use StdInstantiatorStrategy by default. (bfc02be)

  • Add VersionFieldSerializer (#274)

  • Kryo would previously throw an error when you tried used a serializer with removed fields where the class contained a generic, and you removed a field on that generic. (d54a59c)

  • Fix #265. Don't invoke getTypeParameters and getComponentType on each call of setGenerics(). Pre-compute and cache them instead whenever it is possible. (143c097)

Kryo 是一个快速高效的Java对象图形序列化框架,主要特点是性能、高效和易用。该项目用来序列化对象到文件、数据库或者网络。

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