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GoAccess 0.9.1 发布,Apache 日志统计
oschina 2015年05月27日

GoAccess 0.9.1 发布,Apache 日志统计

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GoAccess 0.9.1 发布,此版本更新内容如下:

  * Added additional Nginx-specific status codes.
  * Added Applebot to the list of web crawlers.
  * Added Microsoft Edge to the list of browsers.
  * Added the ability to highlight active panel through --hl-header.
  * Ensure dump_struct is used only if using __GLIBC__.
  * Ensure goaccess image has an alt attribute on the HTML output for valid HTML5.
  * Ensure the config file path is displayed when something goes wrong (FATAL).
  * Ensure there is a character indicator to see which panel is active.
  * Fixed Cygwin compile issue attempting to use -rdynamic.
  * Fixed issue where a single IP did not get excluded after an IP range.
  * Fixed issue where requests show up in the wrong view even when --no-query-string is used.
  * Fixed issue where some browsers were not recognized or marked as 'unknown'.
  * Fixed memory leak when excluding an IP range.
  * Fixed overflows on sort comparison functions.
  * Fixed segfault when using on-disk storage and loading persisted data with -a.
  * Removed keyphrases menu item from HTML output.
  * Split iOS devices from Mac OS X.


GoAccess 是一个用来统计 Apache Web 服务器的访问日志的工具,速度非常快,可即时生成统计报表。

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