SonarQube PHP 2.5 发布

发布于 2015年05月20日
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SonarQube PHP 2.5 发布,此版本新增了 5个新 bug 检测规则,删除了所有已知解析的限制,并增加了导入 PHPUnit IT 覆盖报告。


  • [SONARPHP-444] - Switch all rules (except S1996) to a constant remediation cost instead of linear


  • [SONARPHP-422] - Parse error after string containing variables and "#" or "//"

  • [SONARPHP-423] - Parse Error "zip://$pFilename#PHP.xml"

  • [SONARPHP-425] - Parse error: when running analysis on Drupal

  • [SONARPHP-427] - Rule S2000 should not be activated by default

  • [SONARPHP-436] - False-positive in rule (S1757) "<?php" and "<?=" tags should be used"

  • [SONARPHP-439] - Parse error when reference assignment (=&) is nested in binary expression

  • [SONARPHP-441] - False-positive in (S122) "Statements should be on separate lines"

  • [SONARPHP-442] - False-positive in (S2037) "Static members should be referenced with "static::""

  • [SONARPHP-445] - Add sub-categories for plugin properties

  • [SONARPHP-450] - False-negative in (S1481) "Unused local variables should be removed"

  • [SONARPHP-454] - False-positive in (S2014) "$this" should not be used in a static context

  • [SONARPHP-458] - "Unused function parameters should be removed" should not raise issues in classes defined with "extends" or "implements"


  • [SONARPHP-435] - Update outdated rules

  • [SONARPHP-438] - Provide a Default Quality Profile configured to analyze Drupal Projects

  • [SONARPHP-447] - Log progress of analysis

  • [SONARPHP-448] - Parse error when the double colon operator is followed by an expression

New Feature

  • [SONARPHP-405] - Support import of PHPUnit Integration Test coverage report

  • [SONARPHP-407] - Rule "Generic exceptions ErrorException, RuntimeException and Exception should never be thrown"

  • [SONARPHP-430] - Rule: Related "if/else if" statements and "cases" in a "[switch|Select Case]" should not have the same condition

  • [SONARPHP-431] - Rule: Two branches in the same conditional structure should not have exactly the same implementation

  • [SONARPHP-432] - Rule: Objects should not be created to be dropped immediately without being used

  • [SONARPHP-433] - Rule: Identical expressions should not be used on both sides of a binary operator

  • [SONARPHP-434] - Rule: Variables should not be self-assigned

  • [SONARPHP-443] - Rule: Classes should not create objects in constructor (Dependency Inversion Principle)


  • [SONARPHP-428] - Upgrade SSLR squid bridge to 2.6 and use SQALE annotations

  • [SONARPHP-446] - Update common rules (now provided by sslr-squid-bridge)

Sonar (SonarQube)是一个开源平台,用于管理源代码的质量。Sonar 不只是一个质量数据报告工具,更是代码质量管理平台。支持的语言包括:Java、PHP、C#、C、Cobol、PL/SQL、Flex 等。

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