SonarQube Java 3.3 发布

发布于 2015年05月20日
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SonarQube Java 3.3 发布,此版本增加了一个永远不会被锁定的检测锁和新增了10个新规则,并修复了大量 Bug。更新内容如下;


  • [SONARJAVA-1062] - Remove usage of ASTNode in SynchronizedClassUsageCheck and Fix check

  • [SONARJAVA-1065] - Remove usage of ASTNode in EmptyMehtodsCheck

  • [SONARJAVA-1066] - Remove usage of ASTNode in EmptyStatementUsageCheck

  • [SONARJAVA-1070] - Remove usage of ASTNode in TooManyStatementsPerLine_S00122_Check

Bug 修复

  • [SONARJAVA-595] - Parsing error: Empty statement in import

  • [SONARJAVA-839] - ClassVariableVisibilityCheck: final fields should not raise an issue.

  • [SONARJAVA-916] - FP S1147 : System.exit should not raise issue when called within a main method

  • [SONARJAVA-967] - FP on S2230: methods from interfaces raise issues when the public modifier is not present

  • [SONARJAVA-1005] - FP on S1994: "for" loop incrementers should modify the variable being tested in the loop's stop condition

  • [SONARJAVA-1025] - Nested enum "enum" should be implicitly marked "static" in semantic

  • [SONARJAVA-1028] - Deprecate rules S1294 and S1318

  • [SONARJAVA-1042] - Rule ForLoopCounterChangedCheck does not match its description

  • [SONARJAVA-1055] - FP S1155 should raise issue only for Collections

  • [SONARJAVA-1061] - FP on S1948: no issue should be raised when using Collections of Serializable objects

  • [SONARJAVA-1064] - FP on S2095: Resources should be closed

  • [SONARJAVA-1067] - NPE on S2186 when symbol is unknown as its owner is set to null


  • [SONARJAVA-618] - Make line numbers of SyntaxToken available

  • [SONARJAVA-1017] - Rule: S2159 Silly equality checks should not be made

  • [SONARJAVA-1034] - Rule: S2692 "indexOf" checks should not be for positive numbers

  • [SONARJAVA-1035] - Rule: S2693 Threads should not be started in constructors

  • [SONARJAVA-1036] - Rule: S2675 "readObject" should not be "synchronized"

  • [SONARJAVA-1040] - Improve Rule: S864 Report issues only once per line


  • [SONARJAVA-1030] - Rule: S2222 Locks should be released

  • [SONARJAVA-1037] - Rule: S1858 "toString()" should never be called on a String object

  • [SONARJAVA-1041] - Rules S2864 : "entrySet()" should be iterated when both the key and value are needed

  • [SONARJAVA-1047] - Rule: S2676 "Math.abs" and negation should not be used on numbers that could be "MIN_VALUE"

  • [SONARJAVA-1050] - Rule: S2097 "equals(Object obj)" should test argument type

  • [SONARJAVA-1053] - Rule S2185: Silly math should not be performed

  • [SONARJAVA-1054] - Rule: S2885 "Calendars" and "DateFormats" should not be static


Sonar (SonarQube)是一个开源平台,用于管理源代码的质量。Sonar 不只是一个质量数据报告工具,更是代码质量管理平台。支持的语言包括:Java、PHP、C#、C、Cobol、PL/SQL、Flex 等。

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