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BlueMind 3.0.22 发布,消息和协作平台
oschina 2015年05月20日

BlueMind 3.0.22 发布,消息和协作平台

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BlueMind 3.0.22 发布,此版本是个稳定版本,现已提供下载:

Download links and instructions.

### Addressbook
- Fix: modify addressbook conflict policy to deal properly with server-side deletion
- BM-4984 Fix: enable VCard import with multiple phones of the same type

### Calendar
- IGPP-150 Fix: Add timezone information in the html part external meeting request mail

### Webmail
- SMILE-159 Fix: promote and demote mails from folders with encoded chars

### Mobile devices
- ACMS-196, BM-4930 Fix: accepting event invitations from mobile device
- TLIB-232 Fix: enable login using alias address

### Outlook connector
- BM-5097 Fix: add connector to Outlook 2013 whitelist

### Thunderbird connector
- BM-4989 Fix: autocomplete search should not match or or
- BM-4989 Imp: make BM autocomplete search only on lastname, email and firstname
- BM-5080 Fix: use firefox user-agent compatibility to use indexdb in calendar tab
- COAX-196 Fix: missing contacts after synchronization
- Fix: after creating a list in tbird, a contact with the same name is created
- Fix: upcoming Thunderbird 38 compatibility

### CSV import
- Fix: create /etc/bm-migration-csv on package install
- Fix: delegation issue
- Imp: only mail aliases without '@' are set for all domains

### Active Directory
- ALWAY-48 Fix: don't remove local users from imported groups during import
- MDP-222, WEIS-184 Feat: import personalTitle as title field


Blue Mind 是一个 Java 开发的消息和协作平台,提供可伸缩的共享消息、日程、联系人,同时支持多个移动平台 (iPhone,  iPad, Android, etc.)、Outlook 和 Thunderbird。设计简单,提供面向Web服务的插件架构。

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