Apache NiFi 0.1.0-incubating 发布

发布于 2015年05月19日
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Apache NiFi 0.1.0-incubating 发布,此版本现已提供下载:http://nifi.incubator.apache.org/download.html

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Bug 修复

  • [NIFI-74] - Should ensure that any Exception thrown from site-to-site includes hostname of peer

  • [NIFI-144] - Test Failure: org.apache.nifi.cluster.firewall.impl.FileBasedClusterNodeFirewallTest

  • [NIFI-345] - Site-to-site not showing errors in the UI.

  • [NIFI-354] - Documentation for @OnAdded, @OnRemoved is wrong

  • [NIFI-368] - ReportingTask and ControllerService should be provided logger as Processors are

  • [NIFI-374] - EncryptContent not handling exceptions properly

  • [NIFI-396] - StandardProcessSession allows InputStream to be accessed after returning from callback

  • [NIFI-407] - Add documentation to admin guide for new "nifi.bored.yield.duration" property

  • [NIFI-408] - Root Group Ports yield for too long

  • [NIFI-409] - Site-to-Site NPE when sending to remote instance that is "full"

  • [NIFI-410] - Address findings from 0.0.2 release votes

  • [NIFI-416] - NiFi launcher does not respect JAVA_HOME, fails silently

  • [NIFI-418] - PutEmail should support TLS (optional property)

  • [NIFI-421] - ExecuteProcess does not honor back pressure setting

  • [NIFI-424] - Processors / Controller Services should not be able to directly call ControllerService.initialize and ControllerService.onPropertyModified

  • [NIFI-425] - Filter in Add Processor dialog still applied after adding Processor

  • [NIFI-428] - Update Kite dependency to 1.0.0

  • [NIFI-430] - NiFi API needs to provide an isExpressionLanguagePresent() method to validators

  • [NIFI-432] - PersistentProvenanceRepository unit tests take a very long time

  • [NIFI-437] - nifi-distributed-cache-server failing testClientTermination

  • [NIFI-443] - Funnels can become permanently stopped.

  • [NIFI-449] - NiFi EL function documentation is missing styling in UpdateAttribute custom UI

  • [NIFI-450] - FileSystemRepository's subtasks should catch Throwable

  • [NIFI-476] - EvaluateJsonPath fails with NullPointerException on null values

  • [NIFI-477] - In read only Processor Details dialog do not show value when property supports allowable values

  • [NIFI-480] - Pressing escape to close/cancel a dialog does not work in all conditions

  • [NIFI-481] - When adding new property to processor, pressing Enter should add the property

  • [NIFI-484] - EvaluateJsonPath: always overwrites content

  • [NIFI-486] - NPE when processor has optional controller service that is not set

  • [NIFI-489] - Unable to remove controller service property

  • [NIFI-490] - If I/O Exceptions occur, site-to-site may not close connections in all cases

  • [NIFI-491] - If processor throws Exception in lifecycle method, framework may then throw NPE

  • [NIFI-492] - Site-to-site can leave open connection when remote instance indicates connection is full

  • [NIFI-493] - Fix total number of documented components in Help

  • [NIFI-495] - Site-to-site logs errors about FLowFileHandlingException when destination is full

  • [NIFI-496] - Framework emits ATTRIBUTES_MODIFIED event if processor sets attribute to the same value

  • [NIFI-497] - Do not allow a new property to be named the same as an existing property

  • [NIFI-501] - New component property: need to wait for descriptor to load

  • [NIFI-503] - commons-lang and commons-io creeped into NiFi root lib/ directory

  • [NIFI-507] - Ports and funnels unnecessarily yielding for "nifi.bored.yield.duration" after each invocation

  • [NIFI-508] - Words out of order when text wraps in component labels

  • [NIFI-510] - Cannot resize NF EL editor in UpdateAttribute Advanced UI

  • [NIFI-511] - NF EL Editor parsing/syntax highlighting issue

  • [NIFI-517] - Automatically log stack trace for exceptions that lead to a 500 response code

  • [NIFI-522] - Upgrade Jetty due to bug affecting SSL behavior

  • [NIFI-523] - Persistent Provenance Repository reads all documents that it finds from Lucene when performing query

  • [NIFI-526] - GetHTTP may not release writeLock

  • [NIFI-527] - Persistent Prov Repo should compress write-ahead-log files in chunks

  • [NIFI-530] - createRemoteProcessGroupDto in DtoFactory.java does not count inactive remote ports correctly

  • [NIFI-534] - Missing data points in Cluster Status History

  • [NIFI-535] - Cannot create templates from nested processor groups

  • [NIFI-537] - Resolve licensing issues with hexview, content-viewer, and amazon processors

  • [NIFI-538] - Unable to deserialize a template with a Label with style configured

  • [NIFI-549] - GeoEnrichIP can throw NPE if latitude/longitude are unknown

  • [NIFI-550] - Incompatible type warning in EndpointConnectionPool

  • [NIFI-554] - Provenance Repository fails intermittently when generating FlowFile lineage

  • [NIFI-555] - Provenance Lineage could miss index that needs to be searched

  • [NIFI-556] - Prov Repo is slow to retrieve single event

  • [NIFI-557] - Intermittent unit test failures

  • [NIFI-559] - Create DuplicateFlowFile processor

  • [NIFI-563] - assembly contains duplicate LICENSE and NOTICE files.

  • [NIFI-566] - When Provenance Repository applies backpressure, can result in deadlock

  • [NIFI-572] - Set null Long to 0 before dereference in PersistentProvenanceRepository.submitQuery

  • [NIFI-574] - Updating default logging for Jersey component

  • [NIFI-575] - Provenance showing an extra ATTRIBUTES_MODIFIED event for each CLONE

  • [NIFI-576] - Provenance UI Issues

  • [NIFI-585] - ReflectionUtils ambiguous overload

  • [NIFI-587] - Maven Checkstyle Plugin making build unstable

  • [NIFI-588] - UI: Better handling of smaller screens

  • [NIFI-593] - Possible test failures due to no guarantee of ordering for directory properties

  • [NIFI-595] - PersistentProvenanceRepository not deleting .toc files

  • [NIFI-596] - Persistent Provenance Repository should not used cached IndexSearcher if index modified

  • [NIFI-597] - Persistent Provenance Repository should ensure that records retrieved from Index are read or replaced

  • [NIFI-598] - Default provenance indexed attributes contains line return

  • [NIFI-603] - FileBasedClusterNodeFirewallTest Failures with DNS "Search Assistance" on OSX


  • [NIFI-250] - Allow for configuration of Controller Services and Reporting Tasks in UI

  • [NIFI-280] - Machine generate Processor/ReportingTask/Html documentation

  • [NIFI-292] - Replace/Update REST API documentation generator

  • [NIFI-309] - Support additional documentation annotations

  • [NIFI-353] - Create a Data Viewer

  • [NIFI-395] - Remove example controller service XML snippets from documentation

  • [NIFI-399] - Rename EvaluateRegularExpression to ExtractText and optimize

  • [NIFI-433] - allow for mulitple/custom lib directories

  • [NIFI-434] - Improve formatting of machine generated component documentation

  • [NIFI-441] - Update archetype based on new component documentation feature

  • [NIFI-459] - Data Viewer: Fix data unit label in hex view

  • [NIFI-460] - Deprecate StandardValidator.createControllerServiceExistsValidator, and change references

  • [NIFI-463] - Link controller service implementations from a property that identifies a ControllerService

  • [NIFI-474] - Add HTML support to PutEmail Processor

  • [NIFI-475] - Update new controller service workflow when starting from a component property table

  • [NIFI-478] - Allow SplitContent to split based on text and allow byte sequence to be leading or trailing

  • [NIFI-485] - EvaluateJsonPath: should allow user to choose how to handle missing JsonPath

  • [NIFI-514] - Geo Enrich processors logging is mostly useless and just a performance drag

  • [NIFI-524] - Add Process Group tab to the Summary table

  • [NIFI-558] - clean up of "Getting Started" for first build.

  • [NIFI-560] - FileBasedClusterNodeFirewall should use slf4j parameterized message instead of string operations.

  • [NIFI-567] - Site-to-site should use smaller batch duration


  • [NIFI-25] - Create processor set to support interaction with Amazon S3

  • [NIFI-30] - Add PGP and GPG support to EncryptContent Processor

  • [NIFI-100] - Provide a simple/basic viewing capability

  • [NIFI-461] - Add processors to interact with Apache Solr

  • [NIFI-504] - Build processor to geo-enrich IP addresses

  • [NIFI-505] - Build processors to translate from 1 language to another

  • [NIFI-506] - Build processors to handle HL7 (Health Level 7) data



Thank you
The Apache NiFi team

Apache NiFi 是一个易于使用、功能强大而且可靠的数据处理和分发系统。Apache NiFi 是为数据流设计。它支持高度可配置的指示图的数据路由、转换和系统中介逻辑。


NiFi Architecture Diagram


NiFi Cluster Architecture Diagram


Empty Flow


  • 基于web的用户界面

    • 无缝体验设计、控制和监视

  • 高度可配置的

    • 数据丢失容错和保证交付

    • 低延迟和高吞吐量

    • 动态优先级

    • 流可以在运行时修改

    • 背压 Back presure

  • 数据来源

    • 从始至终跟踪数据流

  • 为扩展设计

    • 构建自己数据处理器

    • 支持快速开发和有效的测试

  • 安全

    • SSL,SSH,HTTPS加密内容,等等……

    • 可插拔的基于角色的验证/授权

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