ShareX 9.10.0 发布,高级截图工具

发布于 2015年05月18日
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ShareX 9.10.0 发布,此版本更新内容如下:

  • Added transparent rectangle capture (without freezing screen)

  • Added Korean translation (by @123jimin)

  • Added Spanish translation (by @ovnisoftware)

  • Image effects window can load image from clipboard

  • Added image uploader

  • Added custom time zone option for name pattern

随后继续发布了 ShareX 9.10.1,更新内容如下:

  • Added tips to region capture (F1 key will hide/show it)

  • Region capture startup time improvement

  • Region capture rectangle info will be shown at the top of the region instead of inside

  • Added coordinate info in region capture under magnifier (pressing Ctrl + C will copy coordinate to clipboard)

  • Numeric keys will capture the corresponding monitor while in region capture e.g. 2 will capture second monitor

  • In region capture ~ key will capture monitor where cursor is

  • WebM changes to improve frame rate and quality

  • Dutch support (by @wforums)

  • Amazon S3 authentication v4 support (by @alanedwardes)

  • Added new task for capturing specific monitor region (by @danielbrezoi)

  • Added check box in update checker message box to prevent prompt until next startup

  • Improved Twitter UI in destination settings

  • Added skip message box and default message settings for Twitter

  • Error message boxes for FTP client and Tweet message if valid account is not found

  • In main window list Ctrl + C and Ctrl + X will check for shortened url, normal url, and file path to copy in that order. Ctrl + Shift + C will copy file path.

ShareX 9.10.1 现已提供下载:

ShareX 是开源的高级截图工具和屏幕记录器。使用 ShareX,只需要一个快捷键就可以保存截图到你的粘贴板,硬盘或者上传到 40 不同的文件存储服务上。ShareX 的插件还可以上传图片,文本文件和其他各种文件类型。

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